10 Verbs to Use for the Word crucible

He lifted the crucible from the furnace and walked with careful steps to the flask.

He lowered the crucible to the bottom of the furnace.

You will find it a matter of little difficulty, with this system of using gas, to melt a crucible of cast iron in an ordinary bed-room fire grate if the front bars are covered with sheet iron, with a hole (say) three inches in diameter, to admit the combined gas and air blast.

Do gases feed like air? Pray you, pack up your crucibles and go!

For some days he had already, with a wicked disposition, commenced, and placed his iron crucibles, along with charcoal and fire, on rubbish, or steps of a great height, upon dry wood with some turf and other combustibles.

When the Igorots obtained black copper or native copper by blasting, they prevented loss (by oxidation) by setting up a crucible of good fire-proof clay in the form of a still; by which means it was easier for them to pour the metal into the forms which it would acquire from the same clay.

After a few minutes of this Prescott took a small crucible of black lead.

Our partners cannot expect to be allowed to break the crucible or the mould, or to carry away the once separate portions now flowing in a single incandescent flood.

I saw her with the strongest mixture of anguish and delight; no chemist ever watched his crucible with greater care, when he expected the production of the philosopher's stone, than I watched her in all the various turns of her distemper, which at last grew utterly hopeless, and then no language can express the agony into which it threw me.

" He drew forth the crucible, and there glowed in it a little bead or globule of molten gold.

10 Verbs to Use for the Word  crucible