56 Verbs to Use for the Word crusade

Nicholas even preached a crusade against the terrible Turks, and tried once more to rouse Europe to ancient enthusiasms.

[y]; while Tyrrel, without informing any one of the accident, put spurs to his horse, hastened to the sea-shore, embarked for France, and joined the crusade in an expedition to Jerusalem; a penance which he imposed on himself for this involuntary crime.

Innocent III proclaimed a crusade to Spain; and Rodrigo of Toledo, the celebrated historian, accompanied by several prelates, went from one court to another, to rouse the Christian princes.

" "Who is he?" asked Robert, as if he still feared the willingness or ability of the proposed leader to conduct the crusade against the savages.

In 1208 Innocent began a crusade against them, which was led by Arnold of Citeaux and Simon de Montfort, and proved a bloody war of extermination, lasting several years.

Yet we still use them, and no one has succeeded in leading a crusade against them at all comparable with the onslaughts on other stimulants, made in these temperance days.

Among these was Robert, Duke of Normandy, who, as he had relinquished the greatest dominions of any prince that attended the crusade, had all along distinguished himself by the most intrepid courage, as well as by that affable disposition and unbounded generosity which gain the hearts of soldiers, and qualify a prince to shine in a military life.

Fearing an excommunication and an interdict, he swore on the Gospel, in one of the Norman cathedrals, that he had not commanded nor desired the death of the Archbishop; and stipulated to maintain at his own cost two hundred knights in the Holy Land, to abrogate the Constitutions of Clarendon, to reinvest the See of Canterbury with all he had wrested away, and even to undertake a crusade against the Saracens of Spain if the Pope desired.

Mary, sister of Charles V., and queen-dowager of Hungary, the stadtholderess of the Netherlands, proposed a crusade against this fanatic; which was, however, totally discountenanced by the states.

Even Abélard could not stand before the indignation and hostility of such a saint,a man who kindled crusades, who made popes, who controlled the opinions of the age.

[Footnote A: "It is not," says Mr. Calhoun, "that we expect the abolitionists will resort to armswill commence a crusade to deliver our slaves by force.""Let

He had opened, too hastily, a crusade against the Dissenters, and denounced where he should have conciliated.

The Abbot of St. Denis, after having opposed the crusade with a freedom of spirit and a far-sightedness unique, perhaps, in his times, had, during the king's absence, borne the weight of government with a political tact, a firmness, and a disinterestedness rare in any times.

It arises from the very rarity and rectitude of those minds which commonly inaugurate such crusades.

Augustin Thierry described, with romantic fascination, the exploits of the Normans; Michaud brought out his Crusades, Barante his Chronicles, Sismondi his Italian Republics, Michelet his lively conception of France in the Middle Ages, Capefigue the Life of Louis XIV., and Lamartine his poetical paintings of the Girondists.

While we are busy in trivial things, our energy and our might will be deflected, and the living God will hand over the crusade to those who have proven worthier and who knew the day when it did come, even the day of their visitation.

There is no trace on this side of any sense of patriotism; they hated the crusade because it destroyed the comforts of their happy existence.

Acton's going to propose to Miss Eleanor some day, he told us so, and" "But what about the bedrooms?" interrupted Diggory; "have you given up having crusades?"

"You will head a clerical crusade against the turf, but I do not think it just to compare it with those ferocious sports which were demoralizing in themselves; while this is to large numbers simply a harmless holiday and excuse for an outing, not to speak of the benefit to the breed of horses.

When, climbing up my father's knees, I gaily sang, secure to please! Rounded his pale and wasted cheek, And won him, in his turn, to speak: When, for reward, I closer prest, And whisper'd much, and much carest; With timorous eye, and head aside, Half ask'd, and laugh'd, and then denied; Ere I again petition made To hear the often-told crusade.

It is possible that some motives may have also influenced Columbus kindred to this,a renewed crusade against Saracen infidels, which he might undertake from the wealth he was so confident of securing.

At the beginning of the thirteenth century, whilst the enterprises which were still called crusades were becoming more and more degenerate in character and potency, there was born in France, on the 25th of April, 1215, not merely the prince, but the man who was to be the most worthy representative and the most devoted slave of that religious and moral passion which had inspired the crusades.

It is also the way of life that the West has been trying to impose upon the entire human family since European empires launched their crusade to westernize, modernize and civilize the planet Earth.

It did not need Wilhelm Meister to set the feet of youth on that trail; it did not need the Crusades.

; he was a wily potentate, and is distinguished for organising a crusade against the Turks as well as his scholarship; the works which survive him are of a historical character, and his letters are of great value.

56 Verbs to Use for the Word  crusade
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