108 Verbs to Use for the Word crust

Presently he put out his hand and broke the ice-crust above.

She sat down on a pile of stones, and sopped her cheek with her handkerchief; then she ate a crust of bread she had put in her basket, and consoled herself by looking at the bird.

The flead or inside fat of the pig, before it is melted, makes exceedingly light crust, and is particularly wholesome.

The rain has always been observed to fall heavily after eruptions, and the water running down the sides of the hills, has formed this crust, which makes the bottom and sides of the Laach.

We should share our last crust with them.

Take an old penny loaf, cut off the out crust, slice it very thin, and put to it as much hot milk as will wet it; take six eggs, beat them very well, grate in half a nutmeg, a little shred lemon-peel, half a pound of clarified butter, half a pound of sugar, and a little salt; mix them well together.

To remove the crust of port or other wines, add a little muriatic acid to the water, and let it remain for some time.

With a knife, work the flour to a smooth paste with 1/2 pint of water; roll the crust out rather thin; place the butter over it in small pieces; dredge lightly over it some flour, and fold the paste over; repeat the rolling once more, and the crust will be ready for use.

He then took his crust of bread out of his wallet again, as if to eat it; held it some time in his handthen laid it upon the bit of his ass's bridlelooked wistfully at the little arrangement he had madeand then gave a sigh.

Beauclerk, with his lively exaggeration, used to describe Johnson at breakfast, throwing his crusts to Levett after he had eaten the crumb.

Now raise the crust in either a round or oval form, cut up the pork into pieces the size of a nut, season it in the above proportion, and press it compactly into the pie, in alternate layers of fat and lean, and pour in a small quantity of water; lay on the lid, cut the edges smoothly round, and pinch them together.

Just beside the gate he found a bread crust which was lovely, and there might be more, mightn't there?

In numerous localities boiling hot mineral water containing silica was forcing itself out of the ground, spreading itself over the surface and depositing a crust, the thickness of which depended on its distance from the center point.

He now devours a crust of mouldy bread With teeth and hands the precious boon is torn, Unmindful of the storm which round his head Impetuous sweeps.

I eat when I can get it, and munch my crust when I can get no crumb; likewise, when there is no ale to be had I wash the dust from out my throat with a trickle of cold water.

A few visits had been exchanged at noon-day, and when the thermometer was a little above zero; but the snow was filling the path, and as yet there were no thaws to produce a crust on which the men might walk.

We shall be reduced to gnaw the very crust of the earth for nutriment.

Cover a piece of paper over the pie, to prevent the crust taking too much colour.

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The bed-room pantry had a window opening on a shed, and into that window Fred, the scape-grace, had adroitly climbed, carefully lifted the upper crust from the cherished pie, and abstracted all the cherries.

If care has been taken to prepare the crust as directed, this soup will have a brown color and a fine, pungent flavor exceedingly pleasant to the taste.

He's got crust enough for it.

The latter gave us crusts of bread to eat.

If the apples do not bake easily, they may be partially cooked before putting on the crust.

The temperature should be high enough to arrest the fermentation, which it will do at a point considerably below the boiling point of water, and at the same time to form a shell or crust, which will so support the dough as to prevent it from sinking or collapsing when the evolution of carbonic acid gas shall cease; but it should not be hot enough to brown the crust within ten or fifteen minutes.

108 Verbs to Use for the Word  crust
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