323 Verbs to Use for the Word cry

Then, I heard a cry from Tonnison; he was shouting my name, excitedly, and without delay I hurried along the rocky promontory to the ruin.

The Nigger uttered a cry in his throat and disappeared.

Now the rocks were comparatively near, and standing up to his knees in water, Mr. P. gave the appropriate heart-rending cry for succor.

But, when set at large, the helpless youth could not turn a corner without meeting some bald-headed reporter who raised the cry of "Stop thief!"

Touch that solemn looking old croaker on yonder broad leaf of that pond lily, with the end of your fishing rod, while the music is at the highest, he will send forth a quick discordant and cracked cry, like that of a greedy dog choked with a bone, as he plunges for the bottom; and note how suddenly that sound will be repeated, and how quick the roar of the frogs will be hushed into silence.

Then the sky swiftly cleared, and with the clearing there rose a great cry of amaze from stem to stern of the Wolverine.

Then, grasping my weapon again, and shouting instinctively the war-cry of another world, I sprang into the midst of the enemy.

Kemeny, after a stout defence, fell, together with a great number of his followers, and the Turks, seeing him fall, set up a general cry of triumph and exultation.

He looks where Jack had been and sees him lying on the ground, stifling an agonized cry by holding his left arm over his mouth.

The others took up the cry and Jack smiled.

Then there arose a great cry in Britain; and every one demanded that something should be done to remedy this state of things.

But all this had only brought horrified cries from the little boy.

Like an echo came another cry across the ridges; the cry of a starving cat.

All thought that an end had come to the harrowing scene, and minister and people faced each other once more; when, loud and sharp from above, there rang down the shrill cry of delirium, this time in articulate words which even the children could understand: "Break it open, I say!

That someone was on the other side of the rock I knew, for in a tree in the vicinity a thrush was hopping from twig to twig, sounding its alarm-cry and objecting to being disturbed.

tell me why Does she repeat that doleful cry?" IX

" With a million and a half men drawn out of the country and ten billion dollars to be expended on war material, making every ammunition factory a labor magnet, it seems like the smooth deceptions of prestidigitation to answer the cry of the farmer with suggestion that men rejected by the draft or high school boys be paroled to meet the exigency.

" By this time we were well within the ravine which has already been described, and the old soldier had hardly ceased speaking when from amid the foliage ahead and on every side came a circle of fire like unto the lightning's flash, followed by the crackling of firearms, which served to drown the death-cries from every portion of our lines.

I choked back the cry which rose to my lips; I gripped my hands behind me, in a desperate attempt to hold myself in check; and, fascinated as by a deadly serpent, I stood staring at the cabinet.

So these brethren, who had loved each other so well, spurred upon each other with levelled lances but, or ever the shock cameO my son, my son!Johan rose high in his stirrups and cried aloud the battle-cry of his house 'Arise!

And even in that moment came one in answer to the cry, one that leapt to his right hand, a wild man and hairy who plied a gleaming axe and, 'twixt each stroke, seemed, from hairy throat, to echo back the cry: "Arise!

My fingers sought his face, and I could scarcely suppress a cry of surprisehe was not Estada.

And then, from all points of the compass, the echoes, in varying cadence, repeated that tremendous, awe-inspiring soundthe last sobbing cry of a Titan.

It is well to be clear as to the kind of exercises best suited to make the vocal organs supple, and then to make these the basis of a game: for example, little children constantly imitate the cries of ordinary life; town children could dramatise a railway station where the sounds produced by engines and by porters give a valuable training; they could imitate street cries, the sound of the wind, of motor hooters, sirens, or of church bells.

Clack! was the sound that followed the first cry.

323 Verbs to Use for the Word  cry