27 Verbs to Use for the Word cudgel

Then he took up his cudgel and looked at the landlord as though he would smite him where he stood.

Little would it have signified if he had come by himself, but he is accompanied by three hundred monks carrying cudgels, who threaten an insurrection if he is not consecrated on the spot.

("Now then, boys") and we dashed away from the house, just as the Baron reappeared on the steps brandishing a formidable cudgel and shouting: "Pastoy!

So when he arose, he getteth him a grievous crabtree cudgel, and goes down into the dungeon to them, and there first falls to rating of them as if they were dogs, although they never gave him a word of distaste.

Taking the ladder away, and making all as secure as he could, he next seized his cudgel, and proceeded to Blaize's room, with the intention of inflicting upon him the punishment he had threatened: for he naturally enough attributed to the porter's carelessness all the mischief that had just occurred.

Under the greenwood tree sat Robin Hood; on one side was Will Scarlet, lying at full length upon his back, gazing up into the clear sky, with hands clasped behind his head; upon the other side sat Little John, fashioning a cudgel out of a stout crab-tree limb; elsewhere upon the grass sat or lay many others of the band.

" "That I will, right willingly," replied the apprentice, rushing before the younger Bloundel, and flourishing his formidable cudgel.

Down went the Dumb man, and away flew his cudgel from his hand as he fell.

"Now come I, forsooth, from good Banbury Town," said the jolly Tinker, "and no one nigh Nottinghamnor Sherwood either, an that be the mark can hold cudgel with my grip.

Wood himself confesses, who was an avowed enemy to Marvel, 'that Dr. Parker judged it more prudent rather to lay down the cudgels, than to enter the lists again, with an untowardly combatant, so hugely well versed, and experienced, in the then newly refined art of sporting, and jeering buffoonery.'

His bag and his hammer hung upon a twig of the oak tree, and near by leaned his good stout cudgel, as thick as his wrist and knotted at the end.

He had no weapon about him, having left his cudgel in the shop, but he doubled his fists, and, nerved by passion, felt he had the force of a Hercules in his arm.

"Let us first measure our cudgels.

I Thrust with one hand my arrows in his face And my doffed doublet, while the other raised My seasoned cudgel o'er his crest, and drave Full at his temples, breaking clean in twain On the fourfooted warrior's airy scalp

I am bidden by friend Simon, the true and faithful steward of Mistress Godwin in Barbary, to defend her house and lands against robbers and evil-doers of every kind, and without respect of their degree; and, with the Lord's help," adds he, showing a stout cudgel, "that will I do, friend.

" But all the four beggars leaped to their feet when Robin had done speaking, and the Blind man snatched up a heavy knotted cudgel that lay beside him on the grass, as did the others likewise.

"and in that corner of the room stands a good cudgel which somebody [i.e., himself] has felt ere now.

At last the stranger struck Robin's cudgel so fairly in the middle that he could hardly hold his staff in his hand; again he struck, and Robin bent beneath the blow; a third time he struck, and now not only fairly beat down Robin's guard, but gave him such a rap, also, that down he tumbled into the dusty road.

The other swung his cudgel at the back of his head, just below the edge of the steel cap, and laid him prone.

"WHOOF!" came his palm against the Tinker's head, and down went stout Wat to the grass, heels over head, as the wooden image at the fair goes down when the skillful player throws a cudgel at it.

At this the men rushed at the boys, one of them waving a thick cudgel he carried.

" "Do as the doctor bids you," said Leonard, seeing that Blaize hesitated, "or I apply the cudgel.

Then, whirling up his cudgel, he rushed upon Robin as an angry bull rushes upon a red rag.

It is known that Johnson once lodged in this court, and bought an enormous cudgel while there, to resist a threatened attack from Macpherson, the author, or editor, of Ossian's Poems.

Thereupon he cast the cudgel upon the stand and, leaping lightly after it, snatched it up in his hand again.

27 Verbs to Use for the Word  cudgel