150 Verbs to Use for the Word curve

When the train had rounded the curve and disappeared with one last challenging blast of the whistle, Billie and Chet turned to each other, feeling as lost and forlorn as the babes in the wood.

The arrow is not sent straight to the mark, but describes a considerable curve.

The Columbia River, making a prodigious and meandering curve, bordered on three sides what was known as the Bend country.

" Avery's pretty mouth took an unfamiliar curve of grimness for a moment, but she banished it at once.

In the lines of his Roman nose, That turned in the true patrician curve In the curl of his princely lips, In his slightly insolent eyelids, In his pointed finger-tips.

The walk is made about six feet through an evergreen forest, the trees arching overhead, for a distance of two miles, and is close to the bay, and following the curve in a most picturesque circle.

Mountains, L., dip down to the sea and form a curve of the coast.

I could make out and trace each curve and outline, softened, and moulded, as it were, in the black dust.

He meditatively watched the curve of her lips.

Thus we find curves of one thousand feet radius upon our roads, over which the trains are run at very considerable speed; while in one remarkable instance (on the Virginia Central Railroad, before named) we find the extreme minimum of 234 feet.

He stretched up and back and away from it with a ridiculous wiggle, that was the more ridiculous when he saw the ball curve harmlessly over the plate and heard the umpire cry: "Strikeone!" He upbraided himself for his fear, and when the next ball was pitched, though he felt sure that it was going to strike him on the shoulder, he did not budge.

" "It was but a glimpse, but it showed the curve of his jaw and chin, and I knew him.

The mellow resonance of a two-toned automobile horn, disturbing the early evening hush and at the same time Duchemin's meditations, recalled him to Nant in time to see a touring car of majestic proportions and mien which, coming from the south, from the direction of the railroad and Nimes, was sweeping a fine curve round two sides of the public square.

The new position of equilibrium will be given by the point P', where ss' cuts DD', the demand curve.

While this is about the average rate per hour of the fastest train between New York and Chicago, it should be remembered that the trains run on steel rails, that curves are comparatively few, and they are not sharp, while the automobile was spinning around a mile track made of plain dirt, and was obliged to negotiate 2,506 sharp curves.

CHAPTER VII LISTER'S DISSATISFACTION Soon after his return from Winnipeg, Lister stood one evening by a length of track planned to cut out an awkward curve.

In the quadrature of curves, the method of exhaustions was most ancient,whereby similar circumscribed and inscribed polygons, by continually increasing the number of their sides, were made to approach the curve until the space contained between them was exhausted, or reduced to an inappreciable quantity.

Then with a jaunty swing the little ship came into the wind again, and shot round a fresh curve in the winding channel.

If, from a point, a (Fig. 3), we wish to strike the point, b, of a scarp, over the crest, c, of the covert-way, it will suffice to pass a parabolic curve through these three pointsthe unknown data of the problem, and the charge necessary, being ascertained, for any given piece, from the artillery tables.

A certain sympathy for her grief and its suppression kept Peter's eyes on the young woman, and then, with the queer effect of one picture melting into another, the strange girl's face assumed familiar curves and softnesses, and he was looking at Ida May.

He had been a well-favored man, he said, sweeping his hand in a semicircle, which implied that his acute-angled countenance had once filled the goodly curve he described.

Here he either improperly calls these regular little curves "hooks," or erroneously suggests that both the hooks and the curves are usual and appropriate signs of "the parenthesis."

One of the chief advantages of this new method is the possibility of obtaining curves of learning for the solution or attempted solution of relational problems of varying difficultness.

The stiff, grey poplin fitted like a glove the pretty curves of Lady Mary's slender figure, but it lacked distinction, and appropriateness, to John's fastidious eye.

He was humming his inevitable tune and smoothing off with a fine file the nice curves of a rifle trigger.

150 Verbs to Use for the Word  curve