112 Verbs to Use for the Word cushion

He led her up to where the Dwarf was asleep on the bench and invited her to sit down, saying that he had arranged a cushion for her to make her comfortable.

etc.] "Rise up, rise up, Xarifa, lay the golden cushion down; Rise up, come to the window, and gaze with all the town.

It was upon the one next beyond my mother's; between the two it was that he had placed the cushion.

Just to show there's no ill-feeling!" He forced a glass into her hand and filled it from the teakettle standing on the hearth, while Miranda brought a sofa cushion and tucked it behind the old lady's back.

You could see the proud fellows walking the streets in brave clothes, and marching into the kirk on Sabbath with a couple of servants carrying cushions and Bibles.

What are we going to wear?" "You poor fish!" cried Ferd, throwing a cushion at him.

" She settled the cushions a little more comfortably.

The slighter and less solid his materials are the more room they take up and make him swell the bigger, as feathers and cotton will stuff cushions better than things of more close and solid parts.

He sat in a chair, of the ancient fashion, very well made and wrought with wire, having a silk cushion; and on another chair beside him, there lay a hat of crimson satin.

Yes. (Tumulty adjusts the cushions at his back.)

As Mrs. Crawley shook up her chintz cushions, she looked across at the Candlea long look that took in the elaborate golden hair, the much too smart blouse, the abbreviated skirt showing the high-heeled slippers, the crowd of callow youthsand then, smiling slightly to herself, settled down in her chair.

a, The thinned horny wall covering the coronary cushion; b, the lateral cartilage exposed by stripping off the thinned wall; c, the sensitive laminæ.

And, piling up cushions in the sofa corner, Coquenil settled back comfortably to think and dream.

Why, you're a good cook" Billie raised a cushion threateningly in the air.

The children have suggested making cushions, painting pictures, and making knives and forks, but we have not had time.

Though the head was not yet revealed, I thought I knew the woman and that sheDid seconds pass or many minutes before I lifted that last cushion?

They've got cushions with buckskin fringepresents from Dearie and Sweetie, I suppose, and they've got a cedar chest with brass hinges.

Then putting on our most precious ornaments, I took a rich cushion in my arms, together with the bible I had from your majesty, and the beautiful psalter, ornamented with fine paintings, which the queen bestowed upon me.

"Me wants a bag," said Becky, "and me wants a pin-cushion, and me wants a little book."

And, with a fearful oath, the wretched man sent Lancelot staggering across the room, and madly tore up the cushions.

I gave a gasp and pulled off more cushions, then I fell on my knees, struck down by the greatest horror which a man can feel.

This cavity has been mentioned before as accommodating the coronary cushion, whose shape and general contour it closely follows, being widest and deepest in front, and gradually decreasing as it proceeds backwards.

I set my cushion down next to a very drunken man just by the narrow door that opened on the stairway leading to the ramparts.

Lead allows live steam to enter the cylinder just ahead of the piston at the point of finishing the stroke, and forms a "cushion," and enables the engine to pass the center without a jar.

She is lying back in a deep arm-chair, her silky head gently denting the flowered cushion, the points of two pretty shoes slightly advanced toward the fire, and a large feather fan leisurely waving to and fro, in one white hand.

112 Verbs to Use for the Word  cushion
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