103 Verbs to Use for the Word damsels

[Sidenote: King Arthur and his companions find a strange damsel and a dwarf] Now this time, being the Eve of Saint John, fairies and those folk who are fay come forth, as is very well known, into the world from which they dwell apart at other times.

This is not in itself a pure coincidence; for Janet happened to come to London in the same train with Leslie Brudenell and her brother Wilfrid; and Wilfrid, seeing in her a damsel in distress, recommended her to lay her troubles before a respectable solicitor, giving her Mr. Cheal's address.

[Footnote 2: She had taken a damsel in male attire for a man] [Footnote 3: Crescimbeni himself had not seen the translation from Apuleius, nor, apparently, several othersCommentari, &c. vol.

Well, what now, Mignonne?" "Papa says Lila is very sleepy, and we ought to be going home," replied the young damsel.

" The manager opened the door of the bedroom, and called in a pretty, somewhat shy, Scotch damsel, who betrayed a becoming confusion at the sight of so many strangers.

Now when the twilight of the evening had fallen, a porter, huge of frame and very forbidding of aspect, came and opened the door of the chamber where Sir Launcelot lay, and when he had done so there entered a fair damsel, bearing a very good supper upon a silver tray.

From their dark solitudes the Youth brought forth The black-haired damsels, lovely as the sun, And Jemshíd's sisters, long imprisoned there; And gladly did the inmates of that harem Pour out their gratitude on being freed From that terrific monster; thanks to Heaven Devoutly they expressed, and ardent joy.

"Then why can't I go right off to the United States to-day?" exclaimed the impetuous little damsel.

Rinaldo, as soon as he entered the city, left the damsel in a place of security, and then spurred his horse to the scene of action, when he found the accuser and the champion in the very midst of the fight.

When Sir Launcelot perceived that damsel he said: "Maiden, do you come hither with good intent or with evil intent?"

Then Sir Launcelot said: "Tell me, fair damsel, dost thou know of any adventure hereabouts that I may undertake?

"I love that damsel.

On another occasion, in the presence of the court, an artificial forest was drawn in by a lion and an antelope, the hides of which were richly embroidered with golden ornaments; the animals were harnessed with chains of gold, and on each sat a fair damsel in gay apparel.

Do you suppose I am the kind of man to marry the first adventurous damsel who takes a fancy to my town house, and thinks it would be a happy hunting ground for a herd of brothers and sisters?

"You have, indeed, Mr. John," quickly returned the smiling damsel, "but I think you might have chosen another opportunity, more seasonable than the present, to consider the moon!"

" [Sidenote: Percival salutes the damsel of the golden pavilion]

he beheld there a wonderfully beautiful young damsel of sixteen years of age who sat in the pavilion upon a carved bench and upon a cushion of cloth of gold, and who bent over a frame of embroidery, which she was busy weaving in threads of silver and gold.

Yet milk in proper skillet she will place, And gently spice it with a blade of mace; Then set some careful damsel to look to't; And still to stir away the bishop's-foot; For if burnt milk shou'd to the bottom stick, Like over-heated-zeal, 'twould make folks sick.

May I do it, and still be a man; or must I deliver the damsel, re-cross the desert, return the passage money to her father, come once more to Biskra, and find my love the sport of the cafés?" The Man who Keeps Goats rose and paced the floor.

" [Sidenote: Sir Kay strikes the damsel]

"A man o' your age, and drunk, too," explained the damsel.

And now it shall be told how Sir Launcelot fared upon that adventure which he had promised the young damsel to undertake.

The hero of "The Double Marriage" (1726) rescues a distressed damsel in the woods outside of Plymouth exactly as one of Ariosto's or Spenser's knights-errant might have done in the fairy country of old romance.

" "My father!my father!" cried the damsel, who had been detained by Parravicin, taking off her mask, and rushing towards the grocer.

His messengers had not gone far before they met a damsel, of stature surpassing human, who was coming to draw water from a spring.

103 Verbs to Use for the Word  damsels