62 Verbs to Use for the Word datum

The events of the six months succeeding his decision to exercise in person his constitutional right to conduct the foreign relations of the United States are in a general way matters of common knowledge and furnish sufficient data for the formulation of individual opinions without the aid of argument or discussion.

In 1876 an organization was perfected in France for making surveys and collecting data on which to base the construction of a canal across the Isthmus of Panama, and in 1878 a concession for prosecuting the work was secured from the Colombian Government.

What has been referred to as the multiple-choice method was devised by me three years ago as a means of obtaining strictly comparable objective data concerning the problem-solving ability of various types and conditions of animals.

Marie O. Schorling (W) & John R. Clark (A); 12Aug70; R489589. Statistics: collecting, organizing, and interpreting data.

Mr. Hutchinson has given us some excellent English data to begin with.

Long before the publication of the Fenwick notes, Wordsworth himself supplied some data for a chronological arrangement of his Works.

But the experience and calculations of the Friendly Societies of Great Britain, and of other associations for Health-Assurance there and elsewhere, afford sufficient data for determining the proportion of time lost in sickness by men of various ages.

In the ten days while they were at the ruins they were able to secure data from which Mr. Tucker afterwards prepared a map which told better than could any words of mine the importance of this site and the necessity for further investigation.

His brief span of life has yielded only scanty biographical data.

There would be statisticians, trained in biometrics, to criticize and compare data obtained.

I find no data showing with exactness the mileage completed by the Magoon government, which came to an end in January, 1909, but a Cuban official report made at the end of 1910 shows that the combined activities of the respective administrations, Spanish, American, and Cuban, had given the island, at that time, practically a thousand miles of improved highway, distributed throughout the island.

The volume contains interesting data respecting the topography, natural history (incidental), and Indian tribes of a remote and extensive region.

Of the four Victorian respectable worthies Strachey has dissected as ruthlessly as the anatomist a post-mortem, his portrait of Florence Nightingale, the founder of the modern science and art of nursing, is most interesting because it provides data of the utmost value to the student of the endocrine basis of human personality.

I have striven to maintain it in the field, fighting and bleeding for my country, and at my desk studying and discussing scientific data; in the Arctic Circle, when pursuing scientific and geographical work, or later, when stranded by adverse fate, and starving and freezing upon the barren coast.

It is needless to lengthen the description by analyzing the data for each setting, since the reader by carefully scanning the columns of data in table 5 may observe for himself the various tendencies and their mutual relations.

It requires a practised mathematician, and one fully acquainted with the extensive literature of this subject, to examine these various data, and track them through the maze of formulae and figures so as to determine to what extent they affect the final result.

I will gather together some data concerning the sporting men of America, and send your son.

We shall presently possess more extensive data in all fields for surer conclusions.

He presents valuable data concerning the learning processes, sensory discrimination, reaction to number, and to tests of imitation.

The whole conception of philosophy as aiming at uniting disjointed data in a higher synthesis runs counter to the real movement, which aims at the analysis of a given whole.

When Fanferlot, hopelessly befogged, called for his advice at his house in the Rue Montmartre, the great detective deigned to explain the preliminary data and the deductions from the data he had made.

The canal commissioners of the State have desired me to communicate with you, desiring such data as you may have in your possession relevant to the subject.

JIReport firing data.

We must watch over these things and fix data, which will show that the theorizing of the past, has sprung mostly from the barrenness of observation.

We have not yet determined precisely where it will strike, but we are forwarding the data to SE and that will be determined.

62 Verbs to Use for the Word  datum