50 Verbs to Use for the Word deacons

" "Do you think his time so short!" exclaimed the deacon.

"Have you thought of the chart, Daggett," asked the deacon, "and given an eye to that journal?"

"It may be as you say, doctor," returned the deacon; "for them Vineyard folks (Anglice folk) are great wanderers.

I'll stick by you, and you can tell the deacon as much in the letter you'll write him, when we get in.

"We think ourselves pretty well off, in this respect, on the Vineyard" "On the Vineyard!" interrupted the deacon, without waiting to hear what was to follow.

While able to walk, he met the deacon, and singular, nay, unaccountable as it seemed to the niece, the uncle soon contracted a species of friendship for, not to say intimacy with, this stranger.

That was the idea that came into my mind when I heard the minister's words; and had not Mary" "What of Mary?" demanded the deacon, perceiving that the young man paused.

As rapidly as he had "thrown off the deacon" to become the chancellor, so he now went through the sharper change of throwing off the chancellor to become the archbishop.

A fortnight before Stephen's death Theobald ordained him deacon, and gave him the archdeaconry of Canterbury, the first place in the English Church after the bishops and abbots; and he must have taken part under the Primate in the work of governing the kingdom until Henry's arrival.

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The squire had also in the early days beaten the deacon in the race for a certain pretty girl he dreamed about.

Little did Mary Pratt suspect the truth; but habit, or covetousness, or some vague expectation that the girl might yet contract a marriage that would enable him to claim all his advances, had induced the deacon never to bestow a cent on her education, or dress, or pleasures of any sort, that the money was not regularly charged against her, in that nefarious work that he called his "day-book."

" "But, sir," expostulated the deacon, turning to the Rector, colouring all over his honest rosy face, "you don't object!

As for the first, he went below to conceal his good-looking throat beneath a black handkerchief, before he followed the deacon where it was most probable he should meet with Mary.

Are you hurt?" gasped the deacon, jumping out, but mindful to keep the lines in his hand.

Why he gin enough reasons to excuse a regiment let alone one small deacon.

But in horses, toothat graveled the deacon.

"Volunteered!" groaned the deacon, aloud.

Until this moment, he had made no allusion to the motive of his visit, leaving the deacon full of conjectures.

If we were in the bight of the coast between Long Island and Jersey, 't would be another matter; but, out here, where we are, I should be ashamed to look the deacon in the face if I didn't hold on.

" "Your uncle had the appearance of an old-fashioned sailor," coldly observed the deacon; "and it may be that he most liked old-fashioned charts.

But I tell yeu" preceded Biah, with a shrewd wink, "that are mortgage pinches the deacon; works him like a dose of aloes and picry, it does.

"I did it of my own head," added the deacon; "or, I might better say, of my own heart.

But the welcome tidings had reached the deacon, and ere Roswell had an opportunity of making any other explanations but those which assured Mary that he had come back all that she wished him to be, both of them were summoned to the bed-side of the dying man.

But little recked the widow and less recked the deacon.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  deacons