73 Verbs to Use for the Word dealer

Surely not?" "And why not?" cried the dealer.

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The commonest cause of such delusion is some general, or very extensive, rise of prices (whether caused by speculation or by the currency) which persuades all dealers that they are growing rich.

Thomas, the old porter, in charge of the establishment, who on opening the door was surprised and startled to see his master, was told to take word to the Prince of Meissen, in the Government Office, that Kohlhaas the horse-dealer had arrived.

"Much intercourse with the sex, who are my best customers, has something helped me;" returned the cavalier dealer in contraband.

But Death haunts the death-dealer; blood taints the life of blood!

It forbids contracts to prevent dealers from handling other brands.

" The widow Clarke's boy, who was present, ran breathlessly to fetch the hardware dealer, who answered the summons when he learned that Peggy McNutt had received a "check" for five hundred dollars.

Nancy the Pathfinder would have packed a bag and gone to Beulah on an hour's notice; found the real-estate dealer, in case there was such a metropolitan article in the village; looked up her father's old friend the Colonel with the forgotten surname; discovered the owner of the charming house, rented it, and brought back the key in triumph!

"This, perhaps, may suit," observed the dealer; and then, as he began to re-arise, Markheim bounded from behind upon his victim.

She knew that Raymond de Chelles had told the dealers he would sell his tapestries to anyone but Mr. Elmer Moffatt, or a buyer acting for him; and it amused her to think that, thanks to Elmer's astuteness, they were under her roof after all, and that Raymond and all his clan were by this time aware of it.

Dear God, man, is that all?" "I will tell you what it is," began the dealer, with some sharpness, and then broke off again into a chuckle.

And it is not because you have killed a dealer, but because you are Markheim, that I offered to forward your escape.

'Ah!' exclaimed the cattle-dealer, with a sonorous chuckle, 'that ought to give you an idea of the capacities of the inhabitants.'

Mira!" addressing the dealer, who sat quietly holding the pack in his left hand, his right resting on the table.

Therefore, in accord with the opinion of the Chamberlain, he was in favor of employing the means appointed for such casesthat is to say, there should be gathered a force large enough to enable them either to capture or to crush the horse-dealer, who had planted himself in the castle at Lützen.

After this came the regular assay of wines, during which it was easy to fancy the master of the house a dealer, for he usually sat either sucking a syphon or flourishing a cork-screw.

This, it will be found, is a complete account of all the gains which a dealer in any commodity can derive from an accession to the number of those who deal with him: and it is evident to every one, that these advantages are real and important, and that they are the cause which induces a dealer of any kind to desire an increase of his business.

You never had the charge of a child, Master Seadrift, and cannot know the weight of responsibility" "No nieceno traffic!" interrupted the wilful dealer in contraband, returning his invoice to his pocket, and preparing to rise from the table, where he had already seated himself.

Poor Mrs. Legend, desirous of having all the tongues duly represented, was obliged to invite certain dealers in gin from Holland, a German linen merchant from Saxony, an Italian Cavaliero, who amused himself in selling beads, and a Spanish master, who was born in Portugal, all of whom had just one requisite for conversation in their respective languages, and no more.

I like dealers in out-of-the-way things,traders in bigotry and virtue are too common,and so I went in.

" "Have you investigated the farm at all?" "I looked up a real estate dealer living at Millville, and wrote him about the Wegg farm.

'Do you think I would have let my sister marry a slave-dealer?' 'I don't believe a syllable of it,' protested Lady Kirkbank, dabbing her brow with a handkerchief steeped in eau de Cologne.

In addition to this feeling, there was his own pledge that he met the proscribed dealer in contraband on neutral ground.

Often did the royal cruisers mistake the worthy dealer for an industrious fisherman!"

73 Verbs to Use for the Word  dealer