75 Verbs to Use for the Word dear

" "Who ought to know best," repeated Mr. Bowyer; "for every body will tell you, my dear, that the mind is so dependent upon the body.

Thy private purse is drained by demands on thy charity;or, perhaps, the waywardness of a female taste hath cost thee dear, of late?"

"I don't know what you mean, my dear," cried the vicar's wife.

I could forgive their jealousy, and dispense with toying with their brats, if it gives them any pain; but I think it unreasonable to be called upon to love them, where I see no occasion,to love a whole family, perhaps, eight, nine, or ten, indiscriminately,to love all the pretty dears, because children are so engaging.

Father, mother, Sister, brother, All who hold each other dear.

"I don't mean that, doctor; but if she could not rest in her grave, poor old lady" "You think, then, my dear," said the vicar, "that Lady Mary, an old friend, who was as young in her mind as any of us, lies body and soul in that old dark hole of a vault?" "How you talk, Francis!

But ye mistrust some cloudy smokes, and fear A stormy shower after so fair a day: Ye may repent, and buy your pleasure dear; For seldom-times is Cupid wont to send "Unto an idle love a joyful end.

But there is a better question than that, and it is this: "What shall they have that preserve the little dears?"

It is the very Life of Merchandise to buy cheap and sell dear.

Mochuda replied, "Brother dear, the prophet says'Declina a malo et fac bonum' [Psalm 36(37):27].

"To find fault with him, my dear; to try to think he was not just the handsomest and most engaging young man I had ever seen; to imagine what he ought to be, in place of what he was; and among other things, to inquire who he was?" "You did not think proper to ask that question of any of us," said Eve, gravely.

"I nursed my pore dear 'usband all through his last illness.

They all want to eat, the little dears.

He said "By all means, my dears.

And you'll forgive me, won't you, for all I have said?" "There is nothing to forgive, my dear.

I cannot but acknowledge that I am pleased to find that he has actually written to Lord M. I have promised to give Mr. Lovelace an answer to his proposals as soon as I have heard from you, my dear, on the subject.

Of course several fish-bones flew down his throat, and while he was choking he did such fearful and wonderful things that the whole room, not dreaming the poor dear was at his dernier soupir, broke out clapping and shouting and then imitated him, and by the time Chippy felt better he found himself famous and everybody doing the Peace Leap, which has completely cut out the Jazz-stagger, the Wolf's Prowl and everything else.

"Nothing is more disagreeable," continued Ralph, philosophically, "than these public evidences of affection; it is positively shocking to see and hear two married people exchanging their 'dears' and 'dearests,' 'loves' and 'darlings'especially to bachelors; it is really insulting!

he said one day, when, just after breakfast, she ran in, exclaiming, "Father dear, we're coming to take dinner with you and ma to-day.

This is the compacta very sensible and politic one on your part, under the circumstances, for Evelyn, we all know, is, excuse me my dear, the devil, when fairly aroused.

And Fortune still favors her Valentine dear, She winters and summers there year after year; To thank her he never forgets; With his rosy-cheeked children and beautiful wife The heart of his heart, and the life of his life, The sun of his peace never sets.

" "Forgetting my dear, that there are millions of women who haven't such fathers and brothers as you have.

The sinews were forthcoming very quick my dear, and after that the ghost walked quite regular.

"The word frightened the poor dear.

You haven't been long from the country, I'll venture to guess, my dear.

75 Verbs to Use for the Word  dear
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