164 Verbs to Use for the Word decks

Before I had reached the deck, however, Selover was afoot again, the four hanging to him like dogs.

Returning tourists in all the glory of field glasses and tweed suits; British officers going home on furlough from the different outposts where they were stationed; merchants from the rich markets of the far East; picturesque foreigners in national costume; and a bishop who paced the deck with a dignity becoming his ecclesiastical rank.

And how they used to walk the little deck!

"I reckon the water will leave the deck long enough for the pump to give her fore-end some buoyancy.

The boatswains' whistles shrilled across the water as the seamen ran to quarters and cleared the decks for action.

The story is told that they had swept the gunboat's decks with her own rapid-fires, turned in.

One night, while we were lying outside Lisbon, Woodroffe and Chater, together with Olinto, went ashore, and when they returned in the early hours of the morning they awoke me by crossing the deck above my head.

A silence of death reigned over the ship, and when he had gained the deck a terrible sight met his view.

But our raïs, Assad (the Lion), was worthy of his name, and had two good Christian sailors at his command, so we lay in the cramped little cabin, and heard the floods washing our deck, without fear.

The water touched the hulk's deck and began to creep up.

A big surf-boat hung, ready for lowering, at her rail and a wooden awning covered her bridge-deck.

We swabbed the decks so thoroughly before leaving Bridgeboro.

Lanyard trod the decks for hours at a time, searching the stars for an answer to the question: What made the Law by whose decree man may garner only punishment and disaster where he has husbanded in iniquity?

The greater danger would come after I had attained the deck, wet to the skin.

and on!" Then, pale and worn, he kept his deck, And peered through darkness.

I tread his deck, Ascend his topmast, through his peering eyes Discover countries, with a kindred heart Suffer his woes, and share in his escapes; While fancy, like the finger of a clock, Runs the great circuit, and is still at home.

Its ugly muzzle could thus rake the deck fore and aft, but the presence of such a piece would create no suspicion in those days when every ship was armed for defense, and consequently no effort was made for its concealment.

His shirt, none too white the previous afternoon, was torn and scraped as though it had scrubbed the deck, and he had transferred his red handkerchief from his neck to his head, so that his tangled hair waved around it like some wild halo.

The collision occurred about two hours before daylight, and the frightened passengers who crowded the upper deck were soon informed by the officers that it would be necessary to take to the boats, for the vessel was rapidly settling by the head.

With that, Darrin turned on his heel, seeking the deck.

Sometimes the hollow channel-seas that buried the plunging forecastle filled the decks and icy cataracts came down the stokehold gratings.

Dinner was long past, and many of the passengers doubtless turned to thoughts of supper after hours of talk or music or cards; for there were not many promenading the cold, foggy decks of the onrushing steamship.

Breathless, my flesh scraped and bruised, I wriggled partly free, and tripped him, his great body striking the deck with a thud.

I could not quit the quarter-deck, from a desire to ascertain, if possible, what had become of Sennit and his companions, though prudence dictated concealment.

In Darrin's eyes there was a strange flash as he turned down the "deck" on which he lived.

164 Verbs to Use for the Word  decks
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