70 Verbs to Use for the Word declines

Now mark his further decline!

Words indicating the generalityindicating ordinary rank or popular affiliationshave in many instances suffered the same decline.

I have watched the slow decline of joy, of comfort and luxury, almost without knowing how everything has been dying around me, as a man in a ball-room where the candles are put out, one by one, may not perceive at first the gathering gloom.

And with the end of Kao Tsung's reign began the decline of the T'ang regime.

The drama shows marked decline.

What besides the Danish conquest caused the decline of Northumbrian literature? 9.

While witnessing the decline of this noble genius, she had struggled, with singular tenderness, against the terrible effect of years upon him; but the long struggle had exhausted her own strength, and all motives for life were gone."

With these triumphs of art and science and literature, we are compelled to notice likewise a decline in morals.

At the same time, it is equally disheartening to note the sharp decline it underwent.

They breasted the long slope of a low hill and took the decline beyond.

In any case, I know one thing: that the value of the slaves, and consequently that of Southern property, will experience a decline greatly exceeding that by which it is now threatened, as it is said, by the abolition tendencies of the North.

And a star, scarce risen, they saw decline, Where Orsova's hills looked coldly down, As Kossuth buried the Iron Crown And fled in the dark to the Turkish line.

It is not my purpose to describe the decline of art, or enumerate the names of the celebrated masters who exalted sculpture in the palmy days of Pericles or even Alexander.

Nor soon he felt his strength decline, Or courage die away; But waged with death a lasting strife, Supported by despair of life.

If, however, we take the statistics of farmers and farm- labourers in these same districts we often find a very considerable decline.

The effort, however, had undermined its strength and helped forward its decline.

Analysis of recent census returns shows that not only is agriculture rapidly declining in the amount of employment it affords, but that the same tendency occurs in the staple processes of manufacture: either there is an absolute decline in employment, as in the textile and dress trades, or the rate of increase is considerably slower than that of the occupied class as a whole, indicating a relative decline of importance.

The President feelsand I may say that I and my colleagues are with himthat to break up the country like that means the decline of America.

That M. Zola, in order to combat those evils, and to do his duty as a good citizen anxious to prevent the decline of his country, should have dealt with his subject with the greatest frankness and outspokenness, was only natural.

To debase is to produce a marked decline in actual worth or in moral quality.

Again, in Gareth and Lynette, by erroneously beginning day with sunrise instead of the previous eve, Tennyson reverses the order of the knights, and makes the fresh green morn represent the decline of day, or, as he calls it, "Hesperus" or "Evening Star;" and the blue star of evening he makes "Phosphorus" or the "Morning Star.

To many, a measure of this kind may, in some respects, appear harsh and arbitrary; but persons, practically acquainted with the subject and country, will deem it indispensable, and the only means that can be resorted to, in order to stop the rapid decline remarkable in this interesting department of public administration.

Sheridan has now reached the pinnacle of his fame, and from this point we have to trace that decline which ended so awfully.

In his Journal he tells us how his vague resolutions were brought to a focus: It was at Rome, on the fifteenth of October, 1764, as I sat musing amidst the ruins of the Capitol, while the barefooted friars were singing vespers in the Temple of Jupiter, that the idea of writing the decline and fall of the city first started to my mind.

The road he is following declines rapidly.

70 Verbs to Use for the Word  declines
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