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51 Verbs to Use for the Word  diary

51 Verbs to Use for the Word diary

Nobody ever keeps a diary except a boy that wants to be an angel, and with the angels stand, or a girl that is in love, or an old maid that can't catch a man unless she writes down her emotions and leaves them around

This fate came to him becauseas the world knowsit happened that for a period of ten years in comparative youth, he wrote an interesting and honest diary.

Pity only that you did not read the diary to me before.

He began this diary in 1659, while he was still a poor clerk living with his wife in a garret, and ended it in 1669, when, although he had emerged from obscurity, his greater honors had not yet been set on him.

John Evelyn (1620-1706) and Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) left diaries, which give interesting pictures of the times.

"Oh, you found the diary, then," said Darrow easily.

On the other days he compiled the letters of business, and in the night filled up his diary, digested his remarks, and wrote private letters to his friends in England, and particularly to those of his college, whom he continually exhorted to perseverance in study.

She no longer opened her diary.

What is it?" Moved by his sympathy, I gave him this diary to read, and poured out my very soul to him.

Draxy took out her little diary.

For more than ten years I have neglected my diary, partly because I was no longer alone, but had a friend and companion in "the Solitary," partly because I was busy with the building of the schoolhouse.

Mรฉm. de Goncourt, quoting a MS. diary of Hardy, p. 35.

He drew from his inner coat the baron's diary and handed it to the judge.

Globe will print Goebbels' diaries.

And on the first page: 'Send this diary to my widow.

Fraulein Tenger wrote her book in her old age when she had lost her diaries, but enough of her reminiscences remain to prove Thayer's ingenious guesses correct.

Many causes there are existing, both in the best and the worst parts of our nature, which must render nugatory and deceitful any continued diary of what passes through the human soul; and no such confessions could, we humbly conceive, be of use either to ourselves or to the world.

I interrupted my diary for some time, not because I had lost the zest for it, nor because I did not feel the necessity for writing, but simply because I was in a state of mind which words cannot express.

And beside her he laid the baron's diary!

On the table lay the diary.

Lieutenant Doane to-day requested me to loan him this diary from which to write up his records, as the condition of his thumb has interfered with his use of a pen or pencil.

But, a diaryoh, he loves diaries!

1855 Defeat of Aberdeen MinistryLord John's Mission to ViennaHe accepts Colonial Office in Palmerston GovernmentVienna ConferenceHis resignationLady John's diary and letters CHAPTER IX.

" Whether this strain permeated the diary which Lady Mary left behind her when she eloped in 1712, and which was destroyed by one of her sisters, no one can say; but it is a curious fact that the diary she kept in later years was destroyed by her devoted daughter, Lady Bute.

McAfee MSS.; one of the McAfees went along and preserved a rough diary of dates.

and closed the book desperately to resume my diary, neglected since the awful events of Beauseincourt, but always to me a resource in time of trouble and of solitude.

" In reviewing my diary, preparatory to its publication, I have occasionally eliminated an expression that seemed to be too personal,a sprinkling of pepper from the caster of my impatience,and I have also here and there added an explanatory annotation or illustration.

So said to itself the diary on the afternoon of the next day, and there hurriedly left off.

Dammy, suppose he killed Papa somewheres off and stole his diaries!"

But now it torments me to think of thee substituting my diary for Ottilie's, and loving the living one who remains with thee more than the one who has departed from thee.

He surrounded his diary with a line of mystery which she never attempted to cross.

The papers simply teem with secret histories of the week, diaries of omniscient pundits and so forth, in which these rumours multiply to an extent that staggers the plain person.

This little journey was so emphatically, an act of faith, and the course of it lay so much through a part of Europe seldom visited by travellers, that we shall transcribe the diary of it without much curtailment. 9 mo.

But I am surprised on turning over my old diaries to find how much I was writing, and planning to write, in those days, and not less surprised at the amount of running about which I accomplished.

But why not send my man, Ham, with a letter by train to the private address of the person from whom you obtained the diary, telling him to hasten immediately to Sir Jocelin Saul, and on no consideration to leave his side for a moment?

He adds out of the abundance of his heart a diary and novel by Knatschke's daughter, Elsa, full of the artless sentimentality of the German virgin.

hast thou buried thine own diary?

Evelyn was the author of Sylva, the first book on trees and forestry in English, and Terra, which is the first attempt at a scientific study of agriculture; but the world has lost sight of these two good books, while it cherishes his diary, which extends over the greater part of his life and gives us vivid pictures of society in his time, and especially of the frightful corruption of the royal court.

Here I may cite an unpublished diary of Lord Robert Seymour (son of the first Marquis of Hertford), who was born in 1748 and died in 1831.

Mr. Hedges has improvised a writing stool from a sack of flour, and I have appropriated a sack of beans for a like use; and, as we have been writing, there has been a lively game of cards played near my left side, which Hedges, who has just closed his diary, says is a game of poker.

In secret she communed with her own heart, and, the better to secure her growth in grace, commenced a diary, which, with two or three short intermissions, occasioned by sickness, was continued until within a week of her death.

During the three days we have spent in this camp, I have been enabled to complete my diary for September 8th, 9th and 10th, which were red letter daysdays of great anxiety.

" Barallier concludes his diary by mentioning another projected expedition over the mountains from Jervis Bay.

" Shortly condensing Wills's diary, we gather the following account of their route.

Those who wish to read a curious monument of the follies of the alchymists, may consult the diary of Elias Ashmole, who is rather the historian of this vain science, than an adept.

Having met with an old volume containing the entire household expenses, as well as in some degree a diary, kept by a country gentleman during the reigns of James II., William and Mary, and Anne, I observed that he has made use of a species of hieroglyphics, to facilitate his reference to his book, as it contained all the entries of all kinds, in chronological order.

After passing through Brussels he continues his diary: "Sunday, August 23rd.

Beside the curl, and covering mother's diaries, lies a square white volume, the first part of my "Experience Boke" before mentioned, and upon it two queer fat little pairs of bronze kid shoes, buttonless and much worn on the toes, telling a tale of feet that dragged and ankles that wobbled through inexperience in walking.

Once there I entered up my diary according to custom, wrote a note to Kitwater, informing him that I had discovered that Gideon Hayle had not left London on the previous Sunday, and also that I believed him to have negotiated certain of the stones in London, after which I returned to my hotel to dine.

I will finish my diary, and be up in a few minutes.

Emily heads her diary: A PAPER to be opened when Anne is 25 years old, or my next birthday after if all be well.