343 Verbs to Use for the Word difficulties

The favourable accounts I received of his character, as well as his odd course of life, made me very desirous of becoming acquainted with him; and, as he was often visited by the villagers, I found no difficulty in getting a conductor to his cell.

"The locked door," said Major Freeman, "presents a difficulty, but still one not absolutely incapable of solution.

Talent is elicited by the efforts required to overcome difficulties and hardships; and their natural birth-place is a country of frost and snowof tempestsof sterility enough to give a spur to exertion, but not enough to extinguish hope.

When approached quite near it still appears matted and heathy, and is so low that one experiences no great difficulty in walking over the top of it.

France solved the difficulty urbanely.

The idea of a Hellenic Empire which dominates all the coast of the Aegean in Europe and Asia encounters one fundamental difficulty.

Such a man alone, who was prepared to sacrifice the scruples of honor and the demands of justice, was fit to meet the difficulties by which the grand princedom of Moscow was surrounded.

After surmounting many difficulties in his passage through Masai Land he had by October reached within a few days' journey of Uganda; but there, on the outskirts of the kingdom he sought to enter, a martyr's death crowned his brief but earnest mission life.

If we add to the requirements of prose, the rhythm, the exalted imagery, and perhaps the assonance and rhyme of verse, we still further increase the difficulty of the task, and the honor of its successful achievement.

Of poverty and labour he gives just and elegant representations, which yet do not remove the difficulty of the first and fundamental question, though supposing the present state of man necessary, they may supply some motives to content.

To avoid this difficulty, in two very wealthy families that I know, the boys were even obliged to darn their own stockings and mend their own clothes.

He saw no difficulty, convinced as he was, of erecting a Greek Empire on the remnants of Turkey.

I finally ventured homenot without some fear, however, of the Gobel familyand was delighted to learn that during my absence mother had had an interview with Mr. Gobel, and having settled the difficulty with him, the two families had become friends again, and I may state, incidentally, that they ever after remained so.

No doubt he is up to a dodge or two by way of obviating these little difficulties.

was ominous, because it implied that others knew the difficulties Cartwright might have to meet.

I have a profound admiration for your police; the results which they accomplish are wonderful, when one considers the difficulties under which they labour.

But the door from the parlor into the Tower offered insuperable difficulties.

III., p. 582), explains clearly this time difficulty and its solution by the Congregation of the Council on 22nd July, 1893.

He must understand its difficulties while believing in my innocence.

Yet I am convinced that if he could have felt the heave and roll of the deck beneath him, he would have faced three times the difficulties he now feared.

It was not thought possible to derive much pleasure from any attempt which could be made to conquer the difficulties of so limited an instrument; because, in the extent of these octaves, there were a number of spaces which could not be filled up by the talent of the player; besides, the most simple modulation became impossible.

With these Jack felt no difficulty in passing several awkward points, where there was no escaping the cavalry patrols, owing to miles of swamp and impenetrable forest.

This arrangement interrupted the weekly recitation of the whole psalter, and caused great difficulty in later times; for when the feasts increased in number the ferial psalter fell almost into complete disuse.

On Mr. Desmoulins making a difficulty of giving him the lancet he said, "Don't you, if you have any scruples; but I will compel Frank," and on Mr. Desmoulins attempting to prevent Frank from giving it to him, and at last to restrain his hands, he grew very outrageous, so much so as to call Frank "scoundrel" and to threaten Mr. Desmoulins that he would stab him.' Ib.

There is a time when every man is weary of raising difficulties only to task himself with the solution, and desires to enjoy truth without the labour or hazard of contest.

343 Verbs to Use for the Word  difficulties