110 Verbs to Use for the Word disciple

"When Jesus told his disciples to follow, he meant them to be with him.

"Confucius taught three thousand disciples, of whom the more eminent became influential authors.

On entering the place, I thought, when our dear Lord sent forth his disciples, he commanded them to take neither purse nor scrip; and that if this state of poverty of spirit was any badge of discipleship, some of us might claim to wear it.

But we are not ready for it till we have become peaceable and easy to be entreated, and have learned to understand why it was that one day, when Jesus called his disciples together, he set a little child in their midst.

When Plato returned from Sicily Aristotle joined his disciples at Athens, and was his pupil for seventeen years.

This much annoyed my father; and the warmth with which he began to preach against dissent only irritated himself and others, without bringing back disciples to the fold.

And indeed after no long time a note came up from Theocles, who was sure that Plotinus would not refuse him that privilege of instructing a female disciple which had been already, with such manifest advantage to philosophical research, accorded to his colleague Hermon.

You have commanded us, Your disciples, to carry the Gospel to the farthest parts of the earth.

Many others, although not professed disciples, showed by their acts that they sympathised with the Christians and would do what they could for them.

Jesus again addressed his disciples, saying that the lamb was but a figure, that he himself would next day be the true Paschal Lamb, together with other things which I have forgotten.

Whatsoever St. Paul meant by bidding his disciples crucify the flesh, with its affections and lusts, he did not mean thereby that they were to deify the flesh, as the heathen round them did in their profligate mysteries and in their gladiatorial exhibitions.

He was ready, at whatever expense, to help his young disciple in carrying it into full effect.

"The sign that should warn his disciples to fly from approaching ruin.

He ventures to suggest that Jesus Christ deceived his disciples by intimating what was not true as to his purpose, in more than one instance.

O bless the dear young disciple!

" When, however, the proposition was made not a soul responded; though Euphronius reproached his disciples severely, and desired them to compare their want of spirit with his own thirst for knowledge, which, when he was a young man, had taken him as far as Alexandria to hear a celebrated rhetorician.

After his departure I took my young disciple into my study, and endeavoured to bring him forward by inquiries as to his former amusements, employments, and associates, but with little or no effect, and I soon found that a wild mountain colt had been submitted to my management.

"Next, the Ingle-nooker's found in me a willing disciple.

I forswore hunting, and became, and have secretly continued, a disciple of Lao-tsze.

He then convinced His disciples that His sufferings had been prophe- [Luke 24.26, 46.] tically foretold and they repented [Luke 24.32.

Another reason why an Apostle would probably have deemed it hopeless to attempt to persuade his disciples, immediately and directly, of the sin of war, is to be found in the fact of their feeble and distorted perception of truth and duty.

The active life of Buddha now begins, and for fifty years he travels from place to place as a teacher, gathers around him disciples, frames rules for his society, and brings within his community both the rich and poor.

" Peter spoke very genially, as if he were trying to win a disciple on his own account.

Our Lord was sensible of their Design, and prepared his Disciples for it, by recounting to em now more distinctly what should befal him; but Peter with an ungrounded Resolution, and in a Flush of Temper, made a sanguine Protestation, that tho all Men were offended in him, yet would not he be offended.

We will now examine what disciples they have produced, and the benefits which have been derived from their instructions.

110 Verbs to Use for the Word  disciple
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