38 Verbs to Use for the Word discomfiture

Flint, whether too scared, or perhaps enjoying the discomfiture of his tormentors, made no effort to return to normal position.

Eunané's look, timidly appealing to her to ratify our full reconciliation, answered by Eveena's smile of tender, sisterly sympathy, enhanced and completed their discomfiture.

It got into hers in what the defrauded Mr. Kybird considered an extremely unbusinesslike manner, and it was not without a certain amount of satisfaction that he regarded her discomfiture as the party sallied out.

The Carthaginian army, which was disheartened, did not venture forth into the plain, but waited to sustain discomfiture in the wooded defiles, in which it could make no use of its two best arms, the cavalry and the elephants.

Emily was always delighted with the somewhat unusual meeting in him of personal majesty, with the good-humoured easy bonhomie which had caused his late discomfiture.

This most injudicious step only increased their discomfiture, as the unknown writer not only refused to proclaim his identity, but published and circulated the challenges, together with a further attack on Lockhart and Wilson.

He betrayed no discomfiture.

To cover his discomfiture he passed his cup up for more coffee, shivering despite himself, as he noticed the elaborate care which Mrs. Chalk displayed in rinsing out the cup and filling it to the very brim.

Here Don Quixote faithfully described his discomfiture in the encounter with another knight, and declared his intention honourably to observe the conditions laid upon him of being confined to his village for a year.

Though I do not disguise my discomfiture, I would not withhold my tribute of admiration at the brilliancy of the stroke, of the genius of its conception, and of the completeness with which it has been dealt.

Last of all, and with a pitiful shyness, as if dodging some fresh discomfiture and exposure, came Philip Withers.

"I have nothing against this," replied Aboniel, "only remember that the least endeavour to contravene the conditions by amending the chance of any one of you, will ensure the discomfiture of all.

He saw great troubles about to occur in Europe; he wished to anticipate their settlement; he felt himself in a false position with respect to his own subjects, because he had experienced a great diplomatic discomfiture; but he was desirousand there is no doubt of the sincerity of the declarationhe was desirous of still taking a course which should restore and retain the cordial understanding with this country.

The same spring a rising broke out in Ireland, but it also was stamped with failure from its onset, and the famous snowstorm of that year finished the discomfiture of its adherents.

His face failed to hide its discomfiture.

" He paused, still laughingenjoying the artist's discomfiture; then ended with a curious"What in thunder were you sneaking around in the brush like that for, anyway?

Most of the half-free cities had submitted to Antiochus, but some of them, more especially the important cities of Smyrna, Alexandria Troas, and Lampsacus, had, on learning the discomfiture of Philip, likewise taken courage to resist the Syrian; and their urgent entreaties were combined with those of the Rhodians.

He marked the discomfiture of his host, and hearkened to the triumphant shouts of the legionaries.

Not contented with the éclat he received, he now meditated the discomfiture of his old master.

"I suppose," the girl had apparently not noticed his sudden discomfiture, "that you mean you have money?

He felt rather than heard the question put by the Mentor, and observing Dick's discomfiture, stammered: "It didn't kill your mother when you went for a soldier, I guess.

Men are not prone to publish their own discomfitures; even I know that much.

Indra as the tree's custodian recalls his former discomfiture in Brindaban when Krishna had abolished his worship and venerated the hill Govardhana in his place.

Still, the Indian war parties were often checked, or scattered; and occasionally one of them received some signal discomfiture.

But he himself, remembering his discomfiture, knew that the time had not yet come, though he had hopes that it might not be far off.

38 Verbs to Use for the Word  discomfiture