15 Verbs to Use for the Word discounting

In selling them to the Public (for cash only) they will allow 10 per cent, discount.

The removal of more than nine millions from the Bank within the period of nine months caused it necessarily to curtail its discounts, and a financial panic was the result, which again led to acrimonious debates in Congress, in which Clay took the lead.

The decisive measure, that of the Bank refusing discounts, was of course suggested by Lafitte.

The barber talked soothingly of making a discount on the bill; and I, looking at it in a strictly diplomatic light, gradually permitted myself to grow calmer.

"When they wanted lumber, they knew where to purchase it, and how to obtain discounts.

"She'll git a discount off her gwarner.

Although the charter and the rules of the bank both declare that "not less than seven directors" shall be necessary to the transaction of business, yet the most important business, even that of granting discounts to any extent, is intrusted to a committee of five members, who do not report to the board.

A certain large store was offering a liberal discount that week on fifty pounds of sugar, and Migwan took advantage of this sale also.

He may however pay the full amount at once, and receive a discount of, I believe, eight per cent.

At this critical juncture, his party following him up, it seemed that reputations as bad men were due to get action, or suffer a discount at the hands of heretofore peaceable men.

He took off an extortionate discount for a very short loan.

w Family Ask YOUTH'S COMPANION, NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS, BIG PAY, To agents who agree to charge subscribers $1.75 we will give a BIG commission (same as last year) for new subscribers, or you can send $1.75 and we will return or credit the discount, as you prefer.

They afford the same opportunity for using the public moneys, and equally lead to all the evils attendant upon it, since a bank can as safely extend its discounts on a deposit of its notes in the hands of a public officer as on one made in its own vaults.

These banks stand them in a handsome annual income, and facilitate large discounts and transfers of property not contemplated by the original possessors.

This gentleman, owing nothing to the Emperor, preferred to pay duty on shipping his merchandize, on which by payment of ready money, he gets 25 per cent discount.

15 Verbs to Use for the Word  discounting