5 Verbs to Use for the Word disenchantment

In losing their ideal remoteness the heroes of the Iliad lose their poetic quality, and the lover of Homer experiences an unpleasant disenchantment.

Even Mr. Russell, so long as he looked into white faces in South Carolina, was fascinated, and only when he came to look into black faces along the Mississippi found the disenchantment.

If I were the only one to suffer, I could hide the sad disenchantment under the memory of my former affection; but I behold thy victims, these trusting devoted youths.

And the poignancy was deepened by the fact that each of the friends to whom she put the question seemed convinced thathad the privilege been hishe would have known how to spare her the disenchantment it implied.

She was not to suffer any disenchantment or decline; her love was not to know any cold of fear or her genius any fever of frustration.

5 Verbs to Use for the Word  disenchantment