50 Verbs to Use for the Word dismay

This, together with the panic-stricken return of his army to Torreon, caused the greatest dismay at the Capital, the inhabitants of which already believed themselves threatened by an irresistible advance of Orozco's rebel followers.

I destroyed The mighty monster, whose devouring jaws Unpeopled half the land, and spread dismay From town to town.

With a sense of surprise Stoddard saw in his face only dismay and chagrin.

And she was surprised to see that his face was full of troubled hesitations, showing almost dismay.

The magnitude of these tasks had struck dismay to Avery's heart.

' "Well, Uncle, you can imagine our dismay.

He grinned as he pictured Abe's dismay on returning to the Station to find him gone.

No doubt he felt dismay and horror, and self-reproach as well; yet there is nothing to show that he condemned his conduct, at any stage of the transactions with Harriet, as heinously wrong.

You are anxious (said his Excellency) to produce a panic, to reduce the value of property, to create dismay, in order that you may speculate, by reducing the present value of property; but you will be disappointed, notwithstanding a press sends forth daily abuse against me, and black-guard and contemptible remarks against my acts.

Superior weapons double the courage and efficiency of our troops, carry dismay to the foe, and diminish the cost and delays of warfare.

And the apparent ignorance and tranquillity in which he found Constance completed his dismay.

Whether they were true or false, these rumors of bold artifices and distant expeditions on the part of Hastings aggravated the dismay inspired by his appearance.

The wife ran out and met him before he reached the cabin, and they stood talking together a long time, the lines of both figures somehow expressing dismay; yet when they came in there was a fair welcome in the man's demeanour.

Recoiling from the prospect, I buried my face in my hands, and so missed the surprising sight of this young girl, still in her teens, conquering a dismay which might well unnerve one of established years and untold experiences.

The only thing at which Pilate expressed surprise was that the death of Jesus should have taken place so quickly, as those who were crucified usually lived much longer; but although he said so little, every word uttered by Joseph increased his dismay and remorse.

I once could boast two noble steeds, To bear me on my way, My good revolver in my belt, I never knew dismay.

Reddy was just secretly congratulating himself upon his breach of etiquette when the shrill whistle of the referee brought dismay to his heart.

With such strange termes* her eyes she doth inure, That with one looke she doth my life dismay, And with another doth it streight recure: Her smile me drawes; her frowne me drives away.

She stared at the woman with pleading, frightened dismay.

Farm horses still professed the utmost dismay at sight of vehicles drawn by invisible horses, and their owners often sought to block industrial progress by agitation for a law against these things, but progress was triumphant.

" I suppose my face reflected the dismay I felt at this intimation that the women would begin drinking so early.

How shall I know?last night I lay Counting the hours' dreary sum With naught in my heart save a wild dismay And a fear that whispered, "Love is come!"

Helm, nor hauberk's twisted mail, Nor even thy virtues, tyrant, shall avail To save thy secret soul from nightly fears, From Cambria's curse, from Cambria's tears!' Such were the sounds that o'er the crested pride Of the first Edward scattered wild dismay, As down the steep of Snowdon's shaggy side He wound with toilsome march his long array.

not so certainly neither the one nor the other, but simply dreary with an unutterable dreariness, from which the eyes of men avert themselves in shuddering dismay.

In the Greek Idyls we find the simple faith or superstition as it lived among the shepherd-folk; no Pan appears to sow dismay in the breasts of the maidens, nor do we find aught of the mystical worship that later gathered round him in the imaginary Arcadia.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  dismay