156 Verbs to Use for the Word distressing

I saw your name in The Examiner only an hour ago, and I came at once to relieve the distress I knew you must be suffering.

Fine or coarse, if thin the dress, Cold winds always cause distress.

If the quantity of what you accomplish is meager, suffer no distress on that account.

" On one occasion a "forest-wife," who had just tasted a new baked-loaf, given as an offering, was heard screaming aloud: "They've baken for me cumin bread, That on this house brings great distress.

The gentle Florinda saw his distress, and she endeavored to interpose between the impetuous youth and her charge.

The sincere sorrow that Oliver expressed for his offences made such a lively impression on the kind heart of Aliena, that she instantly fell in love with him; and Oliver observing how much she pitied the distress he told her he felt for his fault, he as suddenly fell in love with her.

He seems to think that the energies of our company tend to increase the distress which exists in the north.

Charles's dominions in the Netherlands suffered severely from the naval operations during the war; for the French cruisers having, on repeated occasions, taken, pillaged, and almost destroyed the principal resources of the herring fishery, Holland and Zealand felt considerable distress, which was still further augmented by the famine which desolated these provinces in 1524.

discomposure gives distress to a weak heart, whether it arise from friendship or enmity.

A real, deep, tender feeling will prompt one to do all he can to alleviate distress or add to the world's joy.

Therefore, if in those districts it should appear to persons accustomed to agricultural districts that the amount of our rates was very small, I would say to them that any attempt to increase those rates would only increase the pauperism, diminish the number of solvent ratepayers, and greatly aggravate the distress.

I apologize for not sharing your distress.

His exertions were, in short, entirely successful, and the country was thus freed from the visitation which had occasioned so much distress and ruin.

If, therefore, it shall produce distress, the fault will be its own, and it would furnish a reason against renewing a power which has been so obviously abused.

If he showed distress of mind, it would not be so bad; but his calmness,ugly feature.

He thought that he had inflicted such distresses on the Scots, and invaded and defeated them so often, that his very dead bones would terrify them.

In this plight, therefore, he went home, and restrained himself as long as he could, that his wife and children should not perceive his distress; but he could not be silent long, because that his trouble increased.

What grief thou therewithal hast thrown on us, What shame upon our house, what dire distress Our soul endures, cannot be uttered.

Glide on ye waves, bear these lines, And tell her my distress; Bear all these sighs, ye gentle winds, And waft them to her breast; Tell her if e'er she prove unkind, I never shall have rest.

a man that is capable of creating a distress to a young creature, who, by her evil destiny is thrown into his power; and then of enjoying it, as I may say!

Words cannot paint the poor little fellow's distress.

March 2.] repeating his offers, describing his distress, and stating that, unless he received a favourable answer within four days, he must have recourse to some other expedient.

first plunder and then imprison, who take all opportunities of heightening the publick distresses, and make the miseries of war the instruments of new oppressions, are too ignorant to be formidable, and owe their power not to their abilities, but to casual prosperity, or to the influence of money.

[d] Since worth, he cries, in these degen'rate days, Wants ev'n the cheap reward of empty praise; In those curs'd walls, devote to vice and gain, Since unrewarded science toils in vain; Since hope but sooths to double my distress, And ev'ry moment leaves my little less; While yet my steady steps

He knew what it was to be without peace; for having got into debt when he was first in the army, and knowing the distress it caused his family at home, his mind was so troubled that he wrote to his mother: "Oh, what agony I have endured!

156 Verbs to Use for the Word  distressing
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