112 Verbs to Use for the Word disturbance

It is not the first time that he has done this, but from the outset, ever since he had to do with politics, he has been continually causing disturbance one way or the other.

After the Duke had possessed himself of Romagna, he found it had been governed by a number of petty princes, more addicted to the spoliation than the government of their subjects, and whose political weakness rather served to create popular disturbances than to secure the blessings of peace.

At this he gave the that disturbances should cease.

His instructions were that, "after quelling all disturbances at Allahabad, he should not lose a moment in supporting Sir Henry Lawrence at Lucknow, and Sir Hugh Wheeler at Cawnpore; and that he should take prompt measures for dispersing and utterly destroying all mutineers and insurgents".

Finally he proceeded to determine where this planet was, and what its orbit must be to produce the observed disturbances.

Thro' making that disturbance, and a little skill I have got by doing amatoor conjuring to amuse my wife and famly, I was able to slip the case of my employer's jewls into your breast pocket without your knowing.

But in the spring of the year A.H. 399 Annandpal, sovereign of Lahore, began to raise disturbance in Multan, so that the King was obliged to undertake another expedition into those parts, with a great army, to correct the Indians.

JOHNSON. 'Sir, the want of inherent right in the King occasions all this disturbance.

The astronomical clock was set up in the large tent, being placed in a strong frame made for the purpose at Greenwich, and was then planted in the ground as firmly as possible and fenced round to prevent accidental disturbance.

That these terms should be, the withdrawing their arms within the limits of the French territory; the abandoning their conquests; the rescinding any acts injurious to the sovereignty or rights of any other nations, and the giving, in some public and unequivocal manner, a pledge of their intention no longer to foment troubles, or to excite disturbances against other governments.

Left to herself, she would probably have suffered no disturbance of her creed,would have lived and died conforming to the letter of its law.

When I returned to the depôt a month ago there were tales, but, as our old Subadar-Major observed, "War brought little disturbances.

Music was the worst remedy she could have tried to quiet the disturbance in his soul; for its voice evoked ghosts of the past.

Titus Quinctius Capitolinus for the fourth time and Agrippa Furius being then elected consuls, found neither disturbance at home nor war abroad; both, however, were impending.

The aunt also agreed with the decision to keep the boy in the parsonage, although at first she had seen in it a disturbance in the order of the household, since the increasing of the number would mean that in the evening it would take even longer to get to a settlement.

But the lady's triumph was of short durationshe caught sight of the other box that was still empty, and began to scold her better half, thus starting such a disturbance that many were annoyed.

It may be added, that the immediate success which attended the proclamation afforded striking confirmation of what Lord Elgin had always said, that the best way of suppressing provincial disturbances was by bringing pressure to bear on the Imperial power.

For about ten minutes I heard no further disturbance, and was concluding myself to be in some undefined manner the victim of my own imagination, when there suddenly fell upon the headboard of my bed a blow so distinct and loud that I involuntarily sprang at the sound of it.

It was therefore agreed between the opposition delegates and those of the ministerial majority that the Deputies invited should go to the place appointed for the meeting and take their places, so as to avoid any disturbance in the streets or the hall, and that on the police commissary declaring that there was an order against it the guests should protest and withdraw, to lay the question before the tribunals.

If this object is followed with fidelity and to its ultimate conclusion there is no necessity to fear any grave disturbances, but there is a dreadthat dread which is the fear of the child that has had its hands burned by the flame, that a selfish coterie of players might obtain control of the organization, set up a policy of unscrupulous defiance and destructive opposition and retard for a moment the higher development of the game.

Then followed renewed disturbances, riots, and murders; for the condition of the Roman Catholics in Ireland was desperate as well as gloomy.

They were mostly about 13 miles high, indicating considerable aerial disturbance on the planet, and therefore capable of producing proportional surface denudation.]

He very soon appeased the disturbances, united all parties, and acquired the renown of restoring the whole country to peace.

By paying due reverence to her you may show all mankind that whereas others wrought disturbance and injury, you are an upright man.

He never allowed family disturbances, if he could help it, to interfere with the attitude he kept up before his Maker.

112 Verbs to Use for the Word  disturbance
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