33 Verbs to Use for the Word doer

Laws are made to punish wrong-doers.

Because we refuse to aid a wrong-doer in his sin, we by no means proclaim, or assume, that we think our whole character better than his.

"I despise not the doer, but deed.

When the preceding clause is complete in itself, but is followed by some additional remark or illustration, especially if no conjunction is used, the colon is generally and properly inserted: as, "Avoid evil doers: in such society, an honest man may become ashamed of himself.""See that moth fluttering incessantly round the candle: man of pleasure, behold thy image!"Art of Thinking, p. 94.

The older boys, who themselves are gentle and tactful, should be encouraged to observe the condition of the animals they see in the streets, and if they see any act of cruelty, to beg the doer of it very politely and gently, to treat the animal more kindly.

It is because people think only about their own business, and won't trouble themselves to stand up for the oppressed, nor bring the wrong-doer to light.

After informing Huon that he was fully aware of the peculiar nature of his quest, Oberon gave him the golden beaker, assuring him that it would always be full of the richest wine for the virtuous, but would burn the evil doer with a devouring fire.

When our devils do deviltry, curse Thou the doer and the deed: curse them as we curse them, do to them all and more than ever they have done to innocence and weakness, to womanhood and home.

These generally denote the doer.

"Doubtless the evil-doer will be briefly known to thee.

Pride separates a person from others, and makes him think himself superior to those around him; but the pleasure in some piece of work well done is helpful and stimulating, and encourages the doer to take up some more difficult work.

Having done the honors, Julien dropped into the background, and presently was curled up over a drawing-board, sketching eagerly while the Bonnie Lassie and I held the doer of good deeds in talk.

If I cannot bear an injustice done by an individual or a corporation, and if I am directly or indirectly instrumental in upholding that individual or corporation, I must answer for it before my Maker, but I have done all it is humanly possible for me to do consistently with the moral code that refuses to injure even the wrong-doer, if I cease to support the injustice in the manner described above.

Not having done his duty when he ought, he should have said nothing now it was needless for the wronged, and likely only to irritate the wrong-doer.

Of what importance was it that so manifest an evil-doer as this young Caldigate should remain in prison a day or two more,a man who had attempted to bribe four witnesses by twenty thousand pounds?

The law obliged the wrong-doer to make reparation, and this responsibility extended to damages arising not only from positive acts, but from negligence or imprudence.

The sacrifice of innocence is in no way lessened by aught of vengeance that may overtake the wrong-doer; and it is constant.

When she had, in May, at last taken thought for the morrow, and applied at the Foreign Office for one of those secret jobs which could not be mentioned because they prepared the doers to play their parts after the great unmentionable event, she was too late.

The retorting of an accusation takes place when what is done is said to have been lawfully done because another had previously provoked the doer wrongfully.

If the act done pursueth the doer and none else, then certainly it is God himself who is stained with the sin of every act.

Is the chief object of punishment to avenge the wrong, to punish the criminal, to deter others from committing similar crimes, or to reclaim the wrong-doer?

He secretly disliked Joab from this time, and waited for God himself to repay the evil-doer according to his wickedness.

On the contrary love, the active state of Ahimsa, requires you to resist the wrong-doer by dissociating yourself from him even though it may offend him or injure him physically.

And to make the matter worse, Scundoo, the shaman, was in disgrace, and his known magic could not be called upon to seek out the evil-doer.

The passionate will, the pride, the wrath That bore me headlong on my path, Stumbled and staggered into fear, And failed me in my mad career, As a tired steed some evil-doer, Alone upon a desolate moor, Bewildered, lost, deserted, blind, And hearing loud and close behind The o'ertaking steps of his pursuer.

33 Verbs to Use for the Word  doer