684 Verbs to Use for the Word  dog

684 Verbs to Use for the Word dog

That was Trotsey's business, to walk dogs, and Miss Ball got a great many fashionable young ladies who could not exercise their dogs, to let Trotsey have them, and they said that it made a great difference in the health and appearance of their pets.

Then, too, the barns are at such a distance, it is only a monstrous anger can bring the dog.

I looked into the yard as I came along, and saw a dead dog lying there.

Then he added, "I'll make it a half of my share that the Dane kills your wolf-dog."

It was largely because he loved dogs, and understood them more than most men, that he had bought Kazan and the big Dane on the night when Sandy McTrigger and his partner had tried to get them to fight to the death in the Red Gold City saloon.

We took our dogs from the island, and rowed to the broad channel of the inlet which enters the lake on the left hand side, as you look to the south.

Besides, the tailor who was most convenient to them, and who, it was admitted, was a very good one, was insolent and capricious; would sometimes extort extravagant prices, or turn them into ridicule; and occasionally went so far as to set his water-dogs upon them, of which he kept a great number.

"We got no dogs."

The Morrises all used the same words in training their dogs, and I had heard Miss Laura say this, but I had forgotten what it meant.

Pizarro, by the humility of his manner, the lowered head and sidelong glance, asked pardon for intruding upon the privacy of a guest, but argued with his ears and by short yelps, in extenuation, that such a feast as a bit of meatafter an active day, when the servants had forgotten to feed himno dog with a healthy appetite could resist, no matter how perfect his breeding.

This morning, early, I shot the dog, and buried it, away among the bushes.

Benham was coming along at a rattling pace, his dogs very angry to find other dogs there, putting on airs of possession.

"When the horses gave out they had to eat dogs, cats, rats even.

He owns a hot-house, keeps a big dog that is very savage, and his wife wears a silk dress at least three times a week,either of which will establish a man's reputation in a country town.

"We want three dogs."

Here Jack repeated Jones's manoeuvre, except that he was not wise enough in woodcraft to make use of a tree to get into the water, and thus leave the dogs at the end of the trail at a point far removed from his real entrance into it.

"I could have sworn that I knew that dog," he said.

We called off the dogs and passed on to float along under the shadow of the forest trees and the hills, and take an occasional trout by way of experiment among the broken rocks along the shore.

Moreover, Washington and his Northern Federals much preferred a British Canada to a French one, while Jefferson and the Southern Republicans thought any stick was good enough to beat the British dog with.

" "Be it understood, then," Spalding began, "that I like dogs in a general way.

We remained there two days and gave our dogs as much seal meat as they would eat.

Why, you couldn't turn a dog away on a night like this Plague take the Pymeuts, root and branch!

I offered to buy the dog, but the boy didn't dare sell him.

* * * * * At the time when Half-a-Cock returned from his pilgrimage the two women owned a dog in common.

I was astonished at first at this seeming increase in my muscular powers; when, on passing along a street in Alamatua, soon after my arrival, and meeting a dog, which I thought to be mad, I proposed to run out of his way, and in leaping over a gutter, I fairly bounded across the street.

"Quite," answered Paul; "and it is the obvious duty of those who know better to teach the dog to avoid the places where the traps are set.

That is why I hold the dog Mumble so tight, for he small eye see snake too, an' fool dog wish to go fight him.

Needless to say, Goa's media adopts a dog-does-not-eat-dog approach, and for most of the time avoids criticising each other.

His master, a brown, handsome, big, young shepherd from Tweedsmuir, would have liked to have knocked down any man, would "drink up Esil, or eat a crocodile," for that part, if he had a chance; it was no use kicking the little dog; that would only make him hold the closer.

Hitherto, I had stood, watching the dog; yet, all the time, with half my gaze on the wild tangle of gardens, stretching 'round me.

"'Drive out that dog,' I replied.

I pity a dog in the street, but would I cross you, Garry, lad, to save the dog?

Typhoid breeds typhoid, and typhus breeds typhus, just as dog breeds dog; and who will believe that a cheat and a liar can be the father of honest men?' 'In that case, knowing what kind of man the grandson is, I will never believe that the grandfather was a rogue,' said Hammond, heartily.

James sent away the dog with a reprimand, but laughed as he followed the angry man into the house.

"Sonny," he said to the largest of them, "if you will come behind and carry this dog, I will give you a quarter."

He sauntered down the walk to the tool shed, went in and soon came out leading a large, brown dog by a chain.

Pa suddenly seemed to be endowed with superhuman strength, for he drew himself up on the limb and raised the dog from the ground, and all the pack came around the tree and set up a howl that scared pa so the perspiration rolled off him, and he had a chill so he shook like the ague.

"Now in a minute we'll hear the mission dogs.

They've cornered fifty bears for us, and until to-day we've never lost a dog."

So he had bought these skins from queer little people there, who live in snow huts, and instead of horses or oxen, use dogs to draw their sleds.

I think I have confided that to you beforebut you are a brick, made of the best straw in the field of life, and you shall be a general one of these daysyour shrill voice shall let slip the dogs of war and cry havoc to the enemy.

He, too, knelt down beside them, and put his arm about the girl again, and patted the dog on his head.

Like many lonely, discontented women, she became attached to animals; she petted three dogs, in which she saw virtues that neither men nor women possessed.

They kept asking, 'Do you follow the foreign dogs and goats?'

Further, it seemed to be true that even if a madman let loose the dogs of war, then it would be all over in a fortnight.

Another old authority informs us that he "Who would take it up, in common prudence should tie a dog to it to accomplish his purpose, as if he did it himself, he would shortly die.

"Well, we'd sell you the red dog for sixty dollars," admitted the Boy.

Young Lincoln once waded across a half-frozen river to rescue a dog, and stopped in a walk with a statesman to put back a bird that had fallen out of its nest.

Their doctrines were pushed to yet more extravagant lengths by the Cynics, who were so called from a Greek word meaning "dog," from what appeared to the ancients to be the dog-like brutality of their manners.

During the progress of a dreadfully long address to the jury for the defence, he said, "Why, gentlemen, there is not sufficient evidence against the prisoner on which to hang a dog."