165 Verbs to Use for the Word doom

By a miracle the palisade was not struck, but I heard a rending and splintering in the forest where tall trees had met their doom.

Who has dared to strike at the life over which I have cast the shadow of my throne? Give me their names, my guest, and, before the evening mist closes in to-morrow, pronounce their doom.

In forcing this appalling crime upon the nations, it is the rulers, the diplomats, the militarists, who have sealed their doom.

MARMADUKE No more of that; in silence hear my doom: A hermitage has furnished fit relief To some offenders; other penitents, Less patient in their wretchedness, have fallen, Like the old Roman, on their own sword's point.

The other Teutonic kingdoms of the island, of which he was overlord, and so bound to defend, had ceased to exist except in name, or lay utterly powerless, like Mercia, awaiting their doom.

But, Slave, behold these Mutes; that fatal Instrument of Death behold too, and in 'em read thy doom, if this coy Wife of yours be not made flexible to my Addresses.

The fugitive was a deserter from the fort, one who had doubtless given such information to the British general as might work serious harm to all of us; but yet never a cry was heard from our garrison, save such as expressed hope that he might escape the terrible doom from which we had at least temporarily saved him, and all appeared eager for him to gain the fortification.

Some of her maidens, as thus doing their lady truest service, were still kneeling with hopeless petitions to the Holy Mother to avert the doom from Venice; but one, the Lady Beata, who was tenderly devoted to her, had not ceased from efforts to rouse her with nameless little gracious cares.

To wait my Doom; what Tidings hast thou, Guzman? Guz.

I know my doom;

"Frantic, in the dust his hair He rends in agony and deep despair; The western sun had disappeared in gloom, And still, the Champion wept his cruel doom; His wondering legions marked the long delay, And, seeing Rakush riderless astray, The rumour quick to Persia's Monarch spread, And there described the mighty Rustem dead.

Sir Timothy, Gallants, at last is come To know his Sentence, and receive his Doom, But pray before you are resolv'd to be Severe, look on your selves, and then on me; Observe me well, I am a Man of Show, Of Noise, and Nonsense, as are most of you.

MARMADUKE But his own crime had brought on him this doom, His wickedness prepared it; these expedients Are terrible, yet ours is not the fault.

Condemnation N. condemnation, conviction, judgment, penalty, sentence; proscription, damnation; death warrant. attainder, attainture^, attaintment^. V. condemn, convict, cast, bring home to, find guilty, damn, doom, sign the death warrant, sentence, pass sentence on, attaint, confiscate, proscribe, sequestrate; nonsuit^. disapprove &c 932; accuse &c 938. stand condemned.

And now, emerging from the forest's gloom, I greet thee, Chartreuse, while I mourn thy doom.

With a view to enable me to give each case due consideration before fixing the poor wretch's doom after conviction, I invariably ordered the prisoner to stand down until all were tried.

Instead, do you two continue your ascent, to a more terrible destruction, and to face barbaric dooms coming from the West.

No longer can I suffer my unparalleled, yes, my unjust doom.

As I looked into this unnatural night, the thought smote me that I had brought this judgment on the Holy City, and I formed the determination to fly from my priesthood, my kindred, and my country, and to bear my doom in some barren wilderness.

Here, then, upon this desolate shore we abandoned ourselves to our fate, for there was no possibility of scaling the mountain, and if a ship had appeared it could only have shared our doom.

But will not Britain hear the last appeal, Sign her foes' doom, or guard her fav'rites' zeal?

"Do you recognize that?" Glidden saw how he had spoken his own doom.

Belinda now, whom thirst of fame invites, Burns to encounter two adventurous knights, At ombre singly to decide their doom; And swells her breast with conquests yet to come.

Soon will come the doom most dreaded, With a horror that appals; Lo!

And thou, what tears can tell thy doom? THE OTHER.

165 Verbs to Use for the Word  doom