68 Verbs to Use for the Word down

There is no Question but these young Machiavil's will, in a little time, turn their College upside-down with Plots and Stratagems, and lay as many Schemes to Circumvent one another in a Frog or a Sallad, as they may hereafter put in Practice to over-reach a Neighbouring Prince or State.

They gave me a brush-down, there, and something to eat besides, and put me on my way to Millau.

Having, after infinite pains, crossed the downs, they met with vast plains, where they had the good fortune to find water, by digging holes in the sand: this refreshing beverage gave them fresh life and hope.

Some of the women were for flitting forthwith and climbing the down; but Master Ratsey, who was going round with others to comfort people, soon showed us that the upper part of the village stood so high, that if the water was to get thither, there was no knowing if it would not cover Ridgedown itself.

Started at 7.40 a.m., and, steering 240 degrees, crossed the river, left the grassy flats, and entered the sandy downs; at 8.45 ascended a steep sandstone cliff, and from the top had a distant view of the sea; the river about one and a half miles to the south, where a large branch joined it from the east about two miles below the bivouac.

And behold, from these closed eyes, great tears, slow-oozing and painful, that rolled a-down the pallid cheek, very bright in the fire-glow, and glistening like the fairest gems.

As soon as he had breath enough he began calling pitifully for some one to brush the down off his Sunday trousers.

Wesley Blair made a dashing charge through a crowded field for twelve yards and scored a touch-down that brought the onlookers to their feet cheering.

At last we resolved to pass the sandy downs along the sea coast; we afterwards met with a sandy plain almost as low as the ocean.

Through West Kennet, where his shadow went long and thin before him; through Fyfield, where he well-nigh ran into a post-chaise, which seemed to be in as great a hurry to go west as he was to go east; under the Devil's Den, and by Clatford cross-lanes, nor drew rein untilas the sun sank finally behind him, leaving the downs cold and greyhe came in sight of Manton Corner.

He was shown the chicken-yardfull of gawky, half-grown chickens shedding their down and growing their feathersand forgot his feet in the fascination of scattering grain to them and watching their fluttering scrambles.

Every morning he took his exercise, every evening a rub-down.

We are apt to feel that, if we can pull another down, we raise ourselves.

The grey dropped out of the air in a last effort and then stood head-down, quivering, beaten.

'I had begun to think,' I said, 'that there was no authority at all,for every man seems to do as he pleases; you ride over one, and knock another down, or you seize a living man and cut him to pieces'I shuddered as I thought of

All know its softly- rounded downs, its vast beech woods, its short and sweet turf, its snowy cliffs, which have givenso some sayto the whole island the name of Albionthe white land.

It may be that these things hastened the breaking-down of Sir Harry Atkinson's health in 1890.

"Several of us, who were near enough to hear this dressing-down of the boss at Californy's hands, rode up to offer our congratulations, when we noticed that old Bad Medicine had gotten a stand on one of the boys called 'Pink.'

[The PIPER regards them all with debonair satisfaction; then reverses his head-piece and holds it out upside-down, with a confident smile.

We had absolutely resolved to reach the point, where the river joins the downs.

They hurried him on board the tender, lying off Cat-down; and immediately draughted him to a small frigate, which was to sail the next morning, as part of a convoy to some Indian ships.

"Well, that makes two trow-downs I've got this week," said Hardy, sourly, "but I got the fifty from that masher that I was telling you about!

But, if you insist on goin' ahead and earnin' your daily peck by smashin' things and layin' out the onsofisticated, all I have got to say is, that next time you've got a sure thing to make a speck, by telegrafin' me at Skeensboro, I won't mind comin' down and takin' a hand in, if my pocketin' a few hundred thousands will be the means of betterin' your morrils, by my sharin' your burden.

"He will shed his flightier notions as a young bird moults its down.

Accordingly, having refreshed their steeds, they set forward, and soon began to mount the beautiful downs lying on the west of this ancient town.

68 Verbs to Use for the Word  down
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