21 Verbs to Use for the Word downtown

Can you come downtown to the Warrington Street Station?

"Also that day he sent me downtown to do some shoppin'.

Nothing but a busy little hubby to eat him nice, smelly, bacon breakfast and grab him nice morning newspaper, kiss him wifie, and run downtown to support her.

He bought a few aloha shirts and spent days at the university, the main library downtown, the shopping center, and occasionally, Waikiki.

I suppose you were going downtown to business?" "Yes." "Well, I will go along, too, if you don't mind.

Young Mr. Browne (he was hardly a doctor even in name) hastened downtown in response to a message from the American executor, and was told of the will which had been filed in England, the home land of the testator.

He drove downtownthat is, he got into a snow rut that led him downtown.

For a moment she thought of ringing him up and proposing to meet him downtown for lunch; then restrained the impulse.

At once Mr. Skinner took up the thread of the interrupted conference, and it was not until three o'clock that Bill Peck left his house and proceeded downtown to locate Cappy Rick's blue vase.

Unless the fire was of sufficient volume to be readily located, the uptown people would be seen rushing downtown, and the downtown people would be seen rushing uptown, in fact, general pandemonium prevailed until the exact location of the fire could be determined.

But it seemed that the stone couldn't pass muster, and he bestowed it upon Burgess, breakfasted on coffee and sour bread, and sauntered downtown quite undisturbed in the brilliant April sunshine.

" "Do you know what has become of him?" "No; I expect that he has gone back to the countryunless he's blacking boots or selling papers downtown somewhere.

My mornings I spend downtown in conversation with my friends.

Jarvis's jaw was set as he started downtown.

It was later in the afternoon, when the circus performance was over, that Joe and Helen strolled downtown, as was their custom.

When Patsy and the Major had both departed for work on Monday morning Uncle John boarded a car and rode downtown also.

He walked downtown to postpone the evil hour, but in the end it had to be faced.

He caught a bus downtown and wandered through an area of mixed industry, galleries, and restaurants.

He bent his head hopefully "Were you planning to eat lunch downtown?" She nodded.

Well, Smiley kep' the beast in a little lattice box, and he used to fetch him downtown sometimes and lay for a bet.

We got downtown, to a wide street, and there was a fire alarm ahead, or something, and the procession stopped, and the manager and chief of police disappeared, and there was a wagon load of green corn stalks right beside the lead team, which a farmer was taking to a silo, but he had stopped his team to see the parade.

21 Verbs to Use for the Word  downtown
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