12 Verbs to Use for the Word drachm

For inflammation of the eyes or elsewhere:The better way of making Goulard Lotion, if for the eyes, is to add to 6 oz. of distilled water, or water that has been well boiled, 1 drachm of the extract of lead. 2586.

(The fever-mixture, we remind our readers, is thus made: Mix a drachm of powdered nitre, 2 drachms of carbonate of potash, 2 teaspoonfuls of antimonial wine, and a tablespoonful of sweet spirits of nitre in half a pint of water.)

No. 2.Take of simple cerate 1 oz.; creosote 1 drachm; calomel 30 grains: mix and use in the same manner as the first.

The hair should be cut close, and round the spot it should be shaved off, and the part, night and morning, bathed with a lotion made by dissolving a drachm of white vitriol in 8 oz. of water.

A little boracic acid or iodoform, or a mixture of the two combined with starch (starch and boracic acid equal parts, iodoform 1 drachm to each ounce) should now be dusted over the wounds, the antiseptic pledgets renewed, and the bandage readjusted over all.

The College of Physicians determined the quantity of a drop to be one grain, 60 drops making one fluid drachm.

A hundred pounds of the flowers scarcely afford in India two drachms of essential oil.

" Clognini, an Italian physician, ordered two or three drachms of crude mercury to be worn as a defensive against the jaundice; and also as a preservative against the noxious vapours of inclement seasons: "It breaks," he observes, "and conquers the different figured seeds of pestilential distempers floating in the air; or else, mixing with the air, kills them where hatched."

"Take of aqua-fortis two ounces, of quicksilver two drachms."Id. cor.

"Twenty-four pounds of the pear called Pillage, yielded nine quarts of juice, which required eighteen drachms of chalk and the whites of two eggs, and yielded about twenty-four ounces of sugar, which was less agreeable to the taste than that of ripe apples.

Infusion of senna 10 drachms; Epsom salts 10 drachms; tincture of senna, compound tincture of cardamums, compound spirit of lavender, of each 1 drachm.

Twenty grains make a scruple,some scruple to take; Though at times it is needful, just for our health's sake; Three scruples one drachm, eight drachms make one ounce, Twelve ounces one pound, for the pestle to pounce.

12 Verbs to Use for the Word  drachm