9 Verbs to Use for the Word drinkin

'Twill be useless for you to deny that meself an' the Sergeant here (points to the Sergeant who is still on the floor) have caught you drinkin' on these licensed premises durin' your hours o' duty.

Dey was de out-fightin'es', out-cussin'es', fastes' ridin', hardes' drinkin', out-spendin'es' folks I ever seen.

" "'Look on the bright side,' sez she in her cheery way when I had finished drinkin'.

Dey stayed ter dinner, en' w'en dey got thoo' talkin' en' eatin' en' drinkin', dey tole Marse Dugal' Skundus had had a catacornered fit, en' had be'n in a trance fer fo' weeks.

Ban's playin' from war-ship, all merry drinkin', dancin'.

When liquor kin make a man see his own ha'nt, it's 'bout time fer dat man ter quit drinkin', it sho' is!

Here dey goes, all het up frum makin' speeches an' a-drinkin', an' packs de courtroom full.

They turned him off this week fer drinkin' too steady, and he's tryin' to make a finish of his money and Smith Wes'cott too.

He watched the line drinkin' its ginger ale.

9 Verbs to Use for the Word  drinkin