235 Verbs to Use for the Word drinking

At Coon Creek I dismounted and led the mule by the bridle down to the water, where I took a drink, using my hat for a dipper.

They gave me a drink of rum and water, and in a little I had got over my worst weariness and could speak.

I don't care whether you think me a reprobate or not, Dr. Pemberton, I want a good stiff drink of whiskeythe Musgrave size.

Kelson turned to a side table and poured out a drink.

" The steward brought a tall glass with ice, in which the newcomer mixed his drink.

" "They ain't a stunner in the state as kin hold a candle to our Molly," he added, and then with uncertain gait he left the "reporters" with the promise to "bring 'em a drink.

Let's get out of the sun, and if you have liquor on board, order me a drink.

I got the drink, but I never saw Adelaide again till I saw her in her coffin.

When he returned to the hotel Kemp remarked that he looked as if he needed a drink, and suggested that Lister go with him and get one.

"We give thee leave, but thou must come again," His foemen said; then low made answer he, "If I will not return, I'll bid you come to me" His wound he bound, and to the loch did hie, And drank his drink, and wash'd, and made no moan.

"Come on; I'll buy you a drink.

Upon any one's penetrating the Valley of Purple, as it is termed, with the design I have indicated, the inhabitants, observant of the precepts of their ancestors, append him to a cross by the feet only, confining his arms by ropes at the shoulders, and setting vessels of cooling drink within his grasp.

The juice of the orange in a glass d'eau sucrée makes a refreshing and wholesome drink.

So instead I'll offer you a drink.

Lanyard finished his drink and made as if to rise, but relapsed, a spasm of pain knotting his face.

" He sat down, raised his glass, and sipped the drink.

However, he sat there for about twenty minutes, and after having several drinks at his own expense he went away.

"Would they like a drink?

"He took 'em to a music-'all that night, but he spoilt it all for 'em by taking 'em into the little public-'ouse in Whitechapel Road fust and standing 'em a drink.

"Come over and 'ave a drink with me, Dan'l it's your turn to stand."

Oliver prepared her drink and handed it to her.

"Aha!" said he, drawing in his breath, "never have I tasted sweeter drink than this.

By this time Graham was feeling quite thirsty and thought it would be a good idea to knock on the cottage door and see if he could obtain a nice drink of water.

The one remaining at home has resolved to quit drinking.

"He has gone to procure drinks in my honour.

235 Verbs to Use for the Word  drinking