90 Verbs to Use for the Word drumming

I beat the drums, and in the dance Lead joyously the train.

When the people hear the drum, they will know that a protected person is traveling who must not be hurt.

I don't want to get up and my boy's in the compound, playing a drum to keep off the ghosts.

An ex-drummer of the Garde Mobile had taken a drum from a lower room at the side of the guard-room, and had beaten the call to arms in the surrounding streets.

As he let himself in he heard an awkward drumming and strumming on the piano, and peering slyly through the opening in the portierre he was startled to find Patsy herself making the dreadful noise, while a pretty girl sat beside her directing the movements of her fingers.

Then sounds the trumpet clearly, then clangs the loud tambour, Make room, make room for Gazulthrow wide, throw wide the door; Blow, blow the trumpet clearer still, more loudly strike the drum, The Alcaydé of Algava to fight the bull doth come.

Thirty men carrying muffled drums, thirty more with trumpets draped in crape, head a long procession; every now and then the drums roll dismally, and the trumpets give a long sad wail.

(Curtain subsequently falls, and STOEPEL orders the big drum to beat for an hour, while the musicians take advantage of the noise to tune their instruments.)

We can-not go Our walk a-cross the fields; and so, Since Tom and Et-tie Holmes are come, And cous-in Fred has brought his drum, And some can sing, and o-thers play, We'll have a con-cert here to-day.

The young men, greedy of booty, followed foreign drums and fought the battles of princes for hire.

She yelled for help and the circus hands rolled the drum, with her in it, into the dressing-room, where they had to cut the sides of the drum with an ax, to get her out, while others caught her horses and pulled the chariot out of the band, and the music stopped; but pa went on forever.

Full of awe, we sound our drums and bells.

LE BRUN is watching me, I know, His palette on his thumb, To catch the glory and the glow That dazzle as I come; So be itbut let MOLIÈRE go, And LULLI crack his drum; They do but waste their time;

The First Little Bear said, "I broke my little red drum.

The figure of St. Michael was paraded in defiance of the Dutchthe thundering drum and echoing shouts were all so many ironical and triumphant defiances.

The cavity of the middle ear, resembling a drum in being closed by two membranes.

Then, picking up the drum, he began to tap it rapidly, and prayed, saying: 'Listen, my dream.

1. I, the singer, entered into the house strewn with flowers, where stood upright the emerald drum, where awaiting the Giver of Life the nobles strewed flowers around, the place where the head is bowed for lustration, the house of corrupt odors, where the burning fragrant incense spreads and penetrates, intoxicating our souls in the presence of the Cause of All.

We wish that you may all know Spanish and that you pronounce it well, so that you won't split our ear-drums with your twist of expression and your 'p's'; but first business and then pleasure: finish your studies first, and afterwards learn Castilian, and all become clerks, if you so wish.

W. What means the drum?

But lonely now I hump my drum In sunshine and in rain, Lamenting on the days gone by Ne’er to return again.

But when the warrior dieth, His comrades in the war, With arms reversed and muffled drum, Follow his funeral car; They show the banners taken, They tell his battles won, And after him lead his masterless steed, While peals the minute gun.

"They made a ring, in the middle of which four sat down, having little drums, made of kettles, covered with deer skins, upon which they beat, and sung.

Now, that great discoverer of rare birds, the Peacock, who, possessing a voice which pierces the ear-drum cannot abide a voice which pierces the darknessthe Peacock, whose specialty it is to confer celebrity upon every strange beast THE GRAND-DUKE [To his neighbour.]

At Mr. M'Pherson's, in Slate, he told us, that 'he knew a drum from a trumpet, and a bagpipe from a guittar, which was about the extent of his knowledge of musick.'

90 Verbs to Use for the Word  drumming