31 Verbs to Use for the Word dyke

"Are you going to mend the dyke?" he asked.

But the speech itself is like the sea, and soon breaks down the dykes built by the inland engineer.

Besides, I see the panjandrum who brings the mail coming up the dyke down yonder.

From an inspiration of blended patriotism and despair, the Dutch opened their dykes, overflowed the whole country in possession of the enemy, and thus made Amsterdam impregnable,especially as they were still masters of the sea, and had just dispersed, in a brilliant naval battle under De Ruyter, the combined fleets of France and England.

After this survey, I occupied myself with my infant plantation of evergreens round the dyke, in the midst of which

He remembered what Alexander did at the siege of Tyre; he constructed a vast dyke of stone and timber and iron across the harbor, in some places twelve hundred feet deep, and thus cut off all egress and ingress.

Sweep the golden reed-beds; Crisp the lazy dyke; Hunger into madness Every plunging pike.

Every now and then one crosses a great dyke, a sapphire streak of calm water between green flood-banks, running as straight as a line from horizon to horizon.

At sundown came the devil with pickaxe and spade, mattock: and shovel, and set to work in right good earnest to dig a dyke which should let the waters of the seas into the downs.

"Imagine the horrible, vulture-like scramble of capitalism to exploit that dyke of gold!

As I was walking all alane I heard twa corbies making a mane; The tane unto the t'other say, "Where sail we gang and dine to-day?" "In behint yon auld fail dyke, I wot there lies a new-slain knight;

I found a deep dyke at the foot of the cutting covered with high weeds, and into this I rolled.

I ferly wherefore ye're sae soon asteer, But I can guess ye're gawn to gather dew.' She scoured awa, and said, 'What's that to you?' 'Then fare ye weel, Meg Dorts, and e'en's ye like,' I careless cried, and lap in o'er the dyke.

His brain reeled; he staggered, and would have fallen, but for Sk, who, leaping the dyke, came behind him.

Yet those who urged him on leapt a dyke.

She had noted some reserve in Railton's manner when he mentioned the broken dyke and knew the flockmasters were careful about their dry walls.

I noticed here a trappean dyke, but the general formation of this end of King Island exactly corresponded with that about Captain Smith's house, which shows that it is a continuous ridge of granite.

For days the water streamed off the land, sweeping away soil and trees and houses in the way, and piling huge dykes and scooping out Titanic gullies over the country-side.

The few hopeful moments when anything could have been done effectually as a palinode and expiation were past; and Sth, releaping the dyke, was again upon the road in the depth of despair, and his companions scarcely less so.

To repair the dyke properly would be a long and expensive business, since there were a number of weak spots, but a dozen men, working hard, might perhaps strengthen the threatened part sufficiently to bear the strain.

I had turned the bend of the wooded gorge, and, looking up the river, saw what resembled a dyke of basalt stretching sheer across the stream, with a ruined castle on a bare and apparently inaccessible pinnacle, another ruin on the opposite end of the ridge, and, between the two, a little church on the brink of a precipice.

He had scaled the rough stone dyke and was out in the turnip-field adjacent.

Osborn had meant to strengthen the dyke, but had put it off because of the expense.

And where the ghostly trestle spanned A stretch of marshy bottom-land, The stealthy under current gnawed At sunken pile, and massive pier, And the stout bridge hung airily where She sullen dyke lay deep and broad.

Presently you reach the Great Highway, which traverses the dykes of sand raised by wind and water as barriers against the ocean.

31 Verbs to Use for the Word  dyke