98 Verbs to Use for the Word eagerness

The native in the hills proved to be a good road repairer, and the boys and women showed an eagerness to earn their daily rates of pay; the men generally looked on and gave directions.

In order to betray no eagerness to get away, I offered the big Highlander a cigar from my case, and we smoked together.

Mrs. Maxa spoke of her intention of taking the child to her house and her sincere hope that there would be no objection and the ladies could feel their visitor's great eagerness manifested in her words.

I have since observed that the more a man sees of war, the less his eagerness for blood.

The guests at the hotels manifested no eagerness for such pets, but the colored bell-boys and waiters gathered about, and after a little good-humored dickering bought the entire lot, box and all, for a dollar and a half; first having pulled the little ones out between the slatsnot without some risk to both partiesto look at them and pass them round.

Every one of these attacks on the nobles was a fresh provocation to Mirabeau, and increased his eagerness to complete his reconciliation with the crown.

[Footnote 3: The object was to lessen the eagerness, on one side, for, and the opposition, on the other, to the share of representation claimed by the Southern States on account of the negroes.] WEDNESDAY, August 8, 1787.

Those who came with ticketsby far the greatest number had to pass in single file through a strong wooden maze, which restrained their eagerness, and compelled them to order.

" BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON All night long Vasda, the swiftest of Artaban's horses, had been waiting, saddled and bridled, in her stall, pawing the ground impatiently, and shaking her bit as if she shared the eagerness of her master's purpose, though she knew not its meaning.

My ears sucked it in as if it was a life line to which my soul was clinging, and I dimly understood my eagerness to catch the sounds.

We lose much because we lose avidity out of our lives, the eagerness to grasp what spiritually belongs to us,to share the universal enthusiasm, the universal hope.

The words were spoken with a calmness which failed to hide the eagerness behind them.

"I'm inclined to say the same," Tom added quietly, though his face displayed an eagerness he did not otherwise betray.

He remembered the eagerness, the enthusiasm of Shere Ali.

That the quantity is insufficient to satisfy the cravings of hunger I can myself testify, having spent a month inside one of Her Majesty's best appointed Bombay prisons, and having noted with painful surprise the eagerness with which every scrap of my own coarse brown bread, that I might leave over, was claimed and eaten by some of my hungry, low-caste fellow prisoners!

It is evident, that what Johnson did in hopes of relief, indicated an extraordinary eagerness to retard his dissolution.

This quickened his eagerness to get it publishedan eagerness only tempered by a very real fear of those knowing dogs, the critics.

" There were a number of men at work on the boat, all expressing the wildest eagerness and anxiety.

The moment's silence intensified her eagerness and hope; he felt them burning in her eyes, and would not meet their prayer again.

Ascertaining this, he was all anxiety to follow her; but, knowing how sharp are village eyes upon a stranger, he was compelled to conceal his eagerness, light another cigarette, and continue his chat.

It's fair to assume a certain eagerness on their part.

These executions did not repress the eagerness of the royalists, nor relax the vigilance of the council.

He is unhappy who has never known the eagerness of childish anticipation.

No one could resist his impetuous eagerness; every one was carried away by his unselfish and impulsive magnanimity.

The successes of the enemy on all sides, the rebellion at Lyons and Marseilles, with the increasing force of the insurgents in La Vendee, have revived our eagerness for news, and if the indifference of the French character exempt them from more patriotic sensations, it does not banish curiosity; yet an eventful crisis, which in England would draw people together, here keeps them apart.

98 Verbs to Use for the Word  eagerness