131 Verbs to Use for the Word editors

"You can't educate people by retailing crimes and scandals, and the Millville Tribune is going to be as clean as a prayer book, if I'm to be managing editor.

James Truslow Adams, contributing editor.

In the course of half an hour the Doctor had reached the newspaper office, thrice addressed himself to the wrong person, finally found the courteous editor, and easily convinced him that his father had been imposed upon; but when Dr. Mossy went farther, and asked which one of the talented editorial staff had written the article: "You see, Doctor," said the editor"just step into my private office a moment.

George Blumer, supervising editor.

" "Not at all, sir," returned the editor in his softest tones; "it is revolutionary and jacobinical.

The unfavourable judgments passed by my father, Grote, the two Austins, and others, were re-echoed with exaggeration by us younger people; and as our youthful zeal rendered us by no means backward in making complaints, we led the two editors a sad life.

"What's that?" asked the editor, not turning round.

He knew the editor to whom Henry had a letter and volunteered him another.

" "Well, well!" cried the editor.

William S. Gray, directing editor.

He" "Le' 's be a-gwine, Abe," interrupted Samuel, and leaving the editor still scribbling, he led the way down the bank with a determined trudge, his market-basket in one hand, his grip in the other, and his lips muttering that "a feller couldn't dew nuthin' in Shoreville without gittin' his name in the paper."

Editors in chief: George H. Parmele and M. Blair Wailes; consulting editor, William M. McKinney; managing editors, Charles Porterfield and Edwin Stacey Oakes.

I forget how I became acquainted with Mr. Hill, proprietor of the Monthly Mirror; but at his house at Sydenham I used to meet his editor, Mr. Dubois, Mr. Campbell, who was his neighbour, and the two Smiths, authors of The Rejected Addresses.

I felt her longing to throw me the triumphant morsel of news'Jane has deserted you and all your tiresome, conceited, disturbing clique, and is going to marry the promising young editor of her father's chief paper.'

Would the girl write it herself?" "No," replied the editor honestly, "I am quite sure Pearl did not do this.

I have to thank the editor for his courtesy in assenting to my wish to reprint.

We have yet to discover an editor capable of doing him full justice.

It appears that this copy was not discreetly kept, since it reached the editor of the Journal des Débats: certainly, he who received it from Brest, was very far from wishing to injure the author of the memoir.

"Lester, of Royce and Lesterand you might tell your city editor that Godfrey is a close friend of mine.

" About the time the Vicksburg paper containing the above came to hand, we received a letter from N.P. ROGERS, Esq. of Concord, N.H. the editor of the 'Herald of Freedom,' from which the following is an extract: "Some thirty years ago, I think it was, Col. Thatcher, of Maine, a lawyer, was in Virginia, on business, and was there invited to dine at a public house, with a company of the gentry of the south.

I have tried editor after editor, and have invariably had my articles returned.

So he went up to Philadelphia and visited all the editors.

He had engaged reporters, correspondents, printers, sub-editors, though he still wanted an efficient editor.

Thus it is that we regard the editor of the Encyclopedia.

The way in which he informs Mr. Scott about Gifford's proposed review of "Juvenal" and "Persius," shows that he fully comprehended the situation, and the dangers which would beset an editor like Gifford, who lived for the most part amongst his books, and was, to a large extent, secluded from the active world.

131 Verbs to Use for the Word  editors