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37 Verbs to Use for the Word « ellis »

37 Verbs to Use for the Word « ellis »

  • © 22Sep24, A807005. R87610, 12Dec51, Norma Millay Ellis (E) BOJER, JOHAN.
  • " "Laws, Caddy!" replied Mrs. Ellis, "that stuff is as slazy as a washed cotton handkerchief, and coarse enough almost to sift sand through.
  • [Illustration: A letter, continued.] Mr. Stuart was a man of large experience in such enterprises as that in which we were about to engage, and was familiar with all the tricks of Indian craft and sagacity; and our subsequent experience in meeting the Indians on the second day of our journey after leaving Fort Ellis, and their evident hostile intentions, justified in the fullest degree Stuart's apprehensions.
  • "And how came you there?" asked Ellis, with a look of surprise.
  • But this interview with the major had so disquieted him that upon meeting Ellis upon the stairs he was struck by a sudden suspicion.
  • "One thing I must tell you," rejoined Mr. Ellis; "if you should settle down here, you'll have to be either one thing or otherwhite or coloured.
  • She had lived many years in her family, and had left it to marry Mr. Ellis, a thrifty mechanic, who came from Savanah, her native city.
  • "No, nodon't, George," quickly interposed Mr. Ellis; "I am selfish enough to want you entirely to myself to-night.
  • Author of renewable matters R. T. Ellis.
  • The major had also invited Lee Ellis, his young city editor, for whom he had a great liking apart from his business value, and who was a frequent visitor at the house.
  • The idea of looking like Squire Baker and Daddy Downhill, who were the "fat men" of their acquaintance, amused Charlie as much as it did his companion, and making the house ring with their mirth, they entered the room where Mr. Ellis and the girls had joined Mrs. Ellis.
  • While loving Tom, she had liked Ellis well enough, as a friend; but he had abused the privileges of friendship, and she would teach him a needed lesson.
  • Just then, a head emerged from the trap-door, the owner of which, perceiving Mr. Ellis, set up a shout of triumph.
  • Delamere gave a plausible excuse which won Clara's pardon and another enchanting smile, which pierced Ellis like a dagger.
  • "And have you questioned Ellis?
  • This assurance somewhat quieted Mrs. Ellis, who left the room and took up her quarters in another apartment.
  • "Nonsense, Ellen," remarked Mr. Ellis, "you look surprisingly young, you are quite a girl yet.
  • He had requested Ellis to wait in the carriage.
  • You ask me to resign Charles Ellis and come to you.
  • With respect to the Correction of the Compass in Iron Ships: I sent Mr Ellis to Liverpool to see some practice there in the correction of the Compass.
  • The Patriots signed Alex Ellis, a league source told New England veteran tight end Paul Butler, a source told
  • "I'll go," calmly spoke Mr. Ellis.
  • He would cheerfully have strangled Ellis, if he could have done so with safety to himself and no chance of discovery.
  • I would suggest Mrs. Ellis and her husband.
  • Olivia had long suspected Ellis of feeling a more than friendly interest in Clara.
  • "Tell Miss Ellis to come to the drawing-room," said he to the servant; "merely say she's wanteddon't say I've returned."
  • She is quite unwell this morning; has not even got up yet;" and leading the way upstairs, he ushered Mrs. Ellis into the bedroom.
  • On one occasion, as a great favour, he had been permitted to accompany Ellis to his home in Savanah, which was but a few miles distant, where he remained during the Christmas holidays.
  • "I wish you'd bring me some, Mr. Ellis."
  • After considerable conversation relative to the project, Mrs. Bird took her leave, promising to call soon again, and advising Mrs. Ellis to accept her offer.
  • * * * * * CONFESSION OF THE EXECUTIONER OF CHARLES I. There have been great disputes about the person who beheaded Charles I. Mr. Ellis says, "it seems most probable that the person who actually beheaded the king was the common executioner."
  • Mr. Garie stepped back to the door of the parlour and called out Mr. Ellis.
  • Second, I highly doubt the guys had a quick pep talk after the first about how sad they were that Perry didn’t get to play in the rest of the fancy outdoor game after he elbowed Ryan Ellis in the face.
  • "Nothing to eat!" exclaimed Mrs. Ellis.
  • We were so delighted with your letters, and so glad that you found Mrs. Ellis.
  • "Come and fix up these two, Ellis," he said.
  • "How is my husband?" tremblingly inquired Mrs. Ellis.

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