33 Verbs to Use for the Word embankments

As we passed the railway embankment at Rubbia, we saw and spoke to some Italian machine-gunners in position, whose orders were to hold up the enemy till the last possible moment.

Further, the interest, for so long a time, on the large amount of money required to build the embankment, at the high rate of railroad interest, would nearly, if not quite, suffice to build the wooden structure.

From a plain of whitish-grey soil, covered with concentric shells as large as a nut, rises a circular embankment with gently-sloping sides, intersected only by a small cleft which serves as an entrance, and which shows, on its edges denuded of vegetation, the loose rapilli of which the embankment is formed.

On either side of the line are long sandhills, between which the train runs out from Uzun Ada; when it reaches the arm of the sea which separates Long Island from the continent, it crosses an embankment about 1,200 yards long, edged with masses of rock to protect it against the violence of the waves.

Some of it not much used now, since winter had come, but under Marty's leadership, a skating rink construction gang had thrown up a dirt embankment in a low spot near the creek and then cut a channel far enough upstream to flood about four acres of swamp.

As we passed out the eastern gate, the workmen were busy near the city, making an embankment for the new railroad to Heilbroun, and we were obliged to wade through half a mile of mud.

Gradually another line doubled the chain of the workers, as the upheaved corpses formed a continuous embankment, each additional dead man giving greater protection to his comrades, until the barrier began to form shape along the diameter of the wood.

The Fairport level gave me another thrillan embankment a hundred feet high with the canal on the top of it, a part of a seventeen-mile level, like a river on a hilltop.

The reporter who had accompanied the special train to the scene of the wreck, hurried down the embankment and found a man who had one arm in a sling, a bandage over one eye, his front teeth gone, and his nose knocked four points to starboard, sitting on a piece of the locomotive and surveying the horrible ruin all about him.

So when the race began, Somai set off towards the lower lands where the rice fields were embanked and he jumped the embankments, but the Ghormuhas who pursued him could not jump well and tumbled and fell; and thus he ran away to his own country and made good his escape.

But Markham mounted the embankment, drew Hermia up beside him, put his back against a car, held up his hand and in French demanded silence.

A flooding of the mind from on high may overflow these embankments but they still stand, shaping the flow of the fullest tides.

Below them in the shadows, Bobby Browne was pacing the embankment, his wife drawn close to his side.

To get a clear conception of the battle one must picture a fifty-foot-high railway embankment, its steeply sloping sides heavily wooded, stretching its length across a fertile, smiling country-side like a monstrous green snake.

The land lying between the levels of high and low tide was cleared, banked along the river front and on the sides, elaborately ditched for drainage, and equipped with "trunks" or sluices piercing the front embankment.

Last week the father of the children started for Washington; the cars ran off the track, and were precipitated down a high embankment, and he and some others were killed.

The system of agriculture practised in this part of Baluchistán is simple, but effective, the fields being divided off by ridges of earth and raised embankments to an accurate level.

"And her foot turning again, she rolled down the steep embankment," concluded the doctor firmly.

It was found necessary to run embankments practically parallel with the current, in order to confine the waters of the river in its channel.

At length retracing the uncertain footpath scaling the precipitous embankment, I seek the level lands where grow the wild prairie flowers.

and from the woods which screened the railway- embankment burst a long line of grey figures, hoarsely cheering.

Flat as I lay, I saw the German embankments not fifty yards away.

I strolled up the embankment in the direction of Chelsea Bridge, smiling to myself over the idea.

He stumbled down the embankment and "sat in" beside their night fire.

Great heaps of snow broke from their place and tumbled down the embankment.

33 Verbs to Use for the Word  embankments