53 Verbs to Use for the Word endings

A hard beginning makes a good ending.

And now come the Progressive Nuisances, and ask Mr. JEFFERSON to change this ending so that it will read as follows: GRETCHEN."Here is your glass, RIP.

Once commenced, however, it rapidly extends to death of the other structures (ligament, tendon, and even bone), and gives a fatal ending to the case.

Unless it is abrogated it means an ending of another epoch of human life, a period of darkness and another beginning, some time after the poison has been worked out by misery, adversity and forced repentance.

"The verb varies its endings in the singular in order to agree in form with the first, second, and third person of its nominative."Ib., p. 47.

Lesson 4: Bishop v. knight endings.

We follow thee obedient to her sending; For happiness through us finds perfect ending.

"Hurrah!" cried "Rats," who was in a great state of excitement when the news arrived; "they won't ask us again if we'd like to play a master, the cheeky beggars!" The same afternoon on which Ronleigh so distinguished herself saw also the melancholy ending of the school life of two of her number.

And while Mr. CONRAD in his novel drives all these to a relentless doom Mr. HASTINGS contrives a happy ending, which goes perilously near an anticlimax, with the hero on his knees and the heroine pointing up to heaven and claiming a "victory" quite other than their creator intended.

A little silence followed the ending of the song and the withdrawal of the girls and musicians.

But my pen is now about to depict the final ending to which love was guided, and, before I do so, I would appeal to your pity and to those soft sentiments which make their dwelling in your tender breasts, and incline your thoughts to a like termination.

" The taunt stung Verplanck, for, like many of the more liberal Tories, he had deeply deplored the tragic ending of the gallant Hale, although forced to regard it as one of the stern necessities of war.

You might devise a moral ending; one that would conciliate all classes.

No one could call this a good beginningnor could they have called the ensuing battalion-drill a good ending.

How could "good writers" indite "much" bad English by dropping from the subjunctive an indicative ending which never belonged to it?

One who would effect the ending Of thy sadness.

But let me tell how narrowly we escaped a tragic ending," he added, drawing Marie closer to him.

The poor thing is dead; she was far from young, and I expected this ending, but however strong and resigned one may be, these blows must be felt.

To denote the person to whom something is done, we sometimes form a derivative ending in ee: as, promisee, mortgagee, appellee, consignee.

Many excellent themes would be distorted and ruined by having an emphatic ending forced upon them.

Of course this phrase does not imply a "happy ending," but one which satisfies the author as being artistic, effective, inevitable (in the case of a serious play), or, in one word, "right."

MURTAGH COSGAR You've read many stories, Martin Douras, and you know many endings.

she but laugh at you, and leave you so wise as you be now; for the way of the heart of a maid doth be most hid to the maid, and she but to know the desire, and to lack the ending.

He had lived a lonely friendless life, holding himself aloof from his fellow-creatures; and there were neither neighbours nor friends to lament his ending.

To Sylvia he said, as though sure of her comprehension, "Didn't you like the ending, dearwhere it sounded like the Argonauts all striking the oars into the water at once and shouting?" Sylvia had been taught above everything to tell the truth.

53 Verbs to Use for the Word  endings