54 Verbs to Use for the Word  enlargements

54 Verbs to Use for the Word enlargements

Brain work then causes a temporary enlargement of the gland.

"For several years efforts were made by some of our wisest and best patriots to procure an enlargement of the powers of the continental congress, but from the predominance of state jealousies, and the supposed incompatibility of state interests with each other, they all failed.

"I cannot, of course, suggest the choice of your library to you; every several mind needs different books; but there are some books which we all need; and assuredly, if you read Homer,[A] Plato, Aeschylus, Herodotus Dante,[B] Shakspeare, and Spenser, as much as you ought, you will not require wide enlargement of shelves to right and left of them for purposes of perpetual study.

The figures need no enlargement in detail and no comment.

Cromwell, with his officers, had spent part of the day in calling upon the Lord; while he prayed, the enthusiast felt an enlargement of the heart, a buoyancy of spirit, which he took for an infallible presage of victory; and, beholding through his glass the motion in the Scottish camp, he exclaimed, "They are coming down; the Lord hath delivered them into our hands."

It will not be inexpedient, however, for Congress to authorize an enlargement of them.

As our foreign commerce increased and was extended into the interior of the country by the establishment of ports of entry and delivery upon our navigable rivers the sphere of those expenditures received a corresponding enlargement.

It undergoes great enlargement in the disease called goitre.

The operator, after having been dabbling for some time in hypo, or pyro, or silver solution, gives his hands a wipe on the focusing cloth, and straightway sets about making an enlargement, ending up by blessing the manufacturer who sent him paper full of black stains and smears.

The enterprising spirit which has characterized our naval force and its success, both in restraining insults and depredations on our coasts and in reprisals on the enemy, will not fail to recommend an enlargement of it.

To the kings who divided up the countries it simply meant an enlargement of their kingdoms, more people to pay taxes to them, and more men to draw on for their armies.

The church was not, first of all, seeking its own enlargement, but extending the reach of its Founder's purpose.

For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shalt there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place: but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

In the deeper holes I invariably found several enlargements at various points in the burrow.

At one point there forms a hot and tender enlargement, with the hairs on it standing straight up from the skin, which latter is seen below red and inflamed in appearance.

Anyhow, he acquired more property in the Valle della Sieve and founded a churchSanta Maria dell' Assuntapossibly the enlargement of his cellupon Monte Senario, between the valley of the Arno and that of the Sieve.

But if all these Things should be doubled to the same Buyers, the Owners must be glad with half their present Prices, the Landlords with half their present Rents; and thus by so great an Enlargement of the Country, the Rents in the whole would not increase, nor the Taxes to the Publick.

One, however, of himself was easily recognizable, and Spence had it copied and enlarged, hanging the framed enlargement in whatever dressing-room fate assigned to him, for Spence never had a long engagement at any one theatre.

The specific name means "full below the throat" and refers to the male having an enlargement of the neck and throat during the mating season.

By this term is indicated an enlargement forming on the inner surface of the wall.

Something of the purest truth has been sacrificed to plastic effect by thickening the shrunken throat; and this induced a corresponding enlargement of the occiput for balance.

if it is wrong, they cannot justly insist upon its extensionits enlargement.

This salutary law proclaims in express terms the principle which, while it led to the abandonment of a scheme of indirect taxation founded on a false basis and pushed to dangerous excess, justifies any enlargement of duties that may be called for by the real exigencies of the public service.

El-Kesar, or Al-Kesar, styled also El-Kesue-Kesar, is so named and distinguished because it owes its enlargement to the famous Sultan of Fez, Almansor, who improved and beautified it about the year 1180, and designed this city as a magazine and rendezvous of troops for the great preparations he was making at the time for the conquest of Granada.

His mind has partaken the enlargement of his fortune.

[Mr. Goodall then passed round several enlargements from landscape and portrait negatives, which it would have been difficult to distinguish from prints on double albumenized paper.]

The shallow depth of water in Canacoa or Cavite Bay would prevent the enlargement of this naval station to accommodate large vessels, and the plan of the Spaniards was to create a large naval station in Subig Bay, on which considerable money has already been spent.

"Alcohol acts on the liver by producing enlargement of that organ, and a fat deposit, or 'hob-nailed' liver mentioned by the English writers.

This consideration and the more general one which regards this arm of the national defense as our best security against foreign aggressions strongly urge the continuance of the measures which promote its gradual enlargement and a speedy increase of the force which has been heretofore employed abroad and at home.

Instead, therefore, of an augmentation of military force proportioned to our extension of frontier, I propose a moderate enlargement of the capital employed in that commerce as a more effectual, economical, and humane instrument for preserving peace and good neighborhood with them.

Within a few days after his return from his holiday in Mull, he was attacked by the complaint which proved fatal"an enlargement of the prostate gland"brought on, I have no doubt, by exposure day after day to continual rain, and accompanied by recurrent attacks of fever.

The lower half, however, is provided with a small longitudinal slit or groove, the lower end of which communicates with the interior of the tube, while the upper end just reaches the enlargement in the side of the latter.

He could not any longer regard the enlargement of the army, its organization and problems as the most vital thing in the world.

I assured him it was useless writing on these terms, and unless our ransom was speedily settled, the English fleet would sail, and render our enlargement altogether ineffectual.

Freedom of the press in its widest sense represents the collective enlargement of each citizen's freedom of expression which is accepted as a human right.

To strengthen, perpetuate, and extend this interest was the object for which the insurgents would rend the Union even by war, while the Government claimed no right to do more than to restrict the territorial enlargement of it.

The L.M. if you can get it will save my enlargement upon the topic of my manumission.

Of course, Republicans could repay the favor if they regained control which would spur yet another Democratic enlargement.

His shame was increased by a consciousness that the inventor was stealthily watching him, and studying the enlargement of those horrid red spots on his cheeks.

"I took up the two other enlargements, both of the chancel, as you will remember, and commenced to compare them.

At the commencement of his preface, the reverend author, after acknowledging the enlargement, polish, and refinement, which the language had received during the preceding two hundred years, ventures to add, "but, whatever other improvements it may have received, it hath made no advances in grammatical accuracy."

Argentic paper is capable of yielding excellent enlargements, but it must be intelligently exposed, intelligently developed, and cleanly and carefully handled.

A Triple AllianceGermany, England, and Americahas been suggested.[B] But for such a union with Germany to be possible, England must have resolved to give a free course to German development side by side with her own, to allow the enlargement of our colonial power, and to offer no political hindrances to our commercial and industrial competition.

He made the conclusion, doubtless, as Columbus did, from the speculations of more scientific men, and the rumours of seamen; but how rare are the minds that are foremost to throw aside even the most innocent prejudices, and anticipate the enlargements of the public mind!

When the singular and unparalleled object of the Crusades presents itself, the historian embraces the illustrious scene with apparent eagerness, and bestows upon it a greater enlargement than might perhaps have been expected from the nature of his subject; but not greater, we confidently believe, than is calculated to increase the pleasure, that a reader of philosophy and taste may derive from the perusal.

It is, however, all the more our duty to spare no sacrifices to carry out both objectsthe enlargement of the fleet, as well as whatever may still be necessary to the perfecting of our coast defences.

Marguerite, however, reserved to herself the income derivable from these possessions during her life; and she no sooner found her means adequate to the undertaking than she commenced the enlargement of the hotel which she had previously purchased in the Faubourg St. Germain, near the Pré aux Clercs, and the embellishment of the spacious gardens which swept down to the bank of the river opposite the Louvre.

"After this discovery I began to compare the two enlargements in a very different manner from my previous scrutiny.

The apothecary answered that he was contemplating the enlargement of his present place or removal to a roomier, and that he had already employed an assistant.

In the first place he must dine with the colleagues with whom his whole waking life is passedexcellent fellows and capital companybut nature demands an occasional enlargement of the mental horizon.