81 Verbs to Use for the Word envies

Besides, there are no odious privileges exclusively possessed by particular classes of men, to excite the envy or resentment of the other classes, and induce them to act in concert.

It is true, indeed, that sallies of wit and quick replies are very pleasing in conversation; but they frequently tend to raise envy in some of the company: but the narrative way neither raises this, nor any other evil passion, but keeps all the company nearly upon an equality, and, if judiciously managed, will at once entertain and improve them all.

In point of fact he did not know his own meaning, except as he felt envy of all above him, in which, in truth, was to be found the whole secret of his principles, his impulses, and his doctrines.

I am inclined to think that it is because the sight of the pleasure, or the possessions, which are denied to us, arouses envy; that is to say, the wish that we, and not the other, had that pleasure or those possessions.

whether you do not think all writers, both French and English, ought to give place to him?" "I fear," replied NEANDER, "that in obeying your commands, I shall draw a little envy upon myself.

It creates envy!

For what can be more foolish than to prefer useless power, such influence as brings envy in its train, and a rash and slippery ambition of reigning, to real, dignified, solid glory?

I beg that you allow no envy.

His habits of authority were unsuited to their habits of a presuming equality, perhaps; and it is impossible for the comparatively powerful and affluent to escape the envy and repinings of men, who, unable to draw the real distinctions that separate the gentleman from the low-minded and grovelling, impute their advantages to accidents and money.

My sister joins me in love to all true Trumpingtonians, not specifying any, to avoid envy; and begs me to assure you that Emma has been a very good girl, which, with certain limitations, I must myself subscribe to.

Such an object, in which no honest man need envy.

He soon distinguished himself for his feats in horsemanship and skill in hunting wild animals, winning universal admiration, and disarming envy by his tact, amiability, and generosity, which were as marked as his intellectual brilliancy,being altogether a model of reproachless chivalry.

The kind of notice and affection she obtained did not provoke the envy even of Leenoo or Eiralé.

By and by, as they visibly prospered, they attracted the envy and greed of the Communists.

He saw how Ibla shone in society, and his passion grew to such an extent that he ventured to sound her praises, and to express the feeling she excited in him by writing verses which, while they gained the admiration of the multitude, incurred also the envy of the chieftains.

The words themselves said less than the laugh which followed thema laugh which carried both envy and resentment, which at once admired and accused, a laugh straight from the girl they were trying to ignore.

If we apply to authors themselves for an account of their state, it will appear very little to deserve envy; for they have in all ages been addicted to complaint.

The man, that banishes envy and introduces contentment; the man, that converts the little circle in which he dwells into a terrestrial paradise, that renders men innocent here, and happy for ever, may be obscure, may be despised by the superciliousness of luxury; but it shall never be said that he has been a blank in creation.

In inquiries carried on in that house, they had the benefit of every circumstance of publicity; which was a most material benefit indeed, and that which of all others made the manner of conducting the parliamentary proceedings of Great Britain the envy and the admiration of the world.

[Footnote 8: 'made him so spiteful by stirring up his habitual envy.']

This tendency to coöperate is seen in such splendid features as the Saint Louis Union Station, for instance, where just twenty great railroad companies lay aside envy, prejudice, rivalry and whim, and use one terminal.

In the opinion of Mr Moore, it probably owes something to the author's painful sensibility to the defect in his own foot; an accident which must, from the acuteness with which he felt it, have essentially contributed to enable him to comprehend and to express the envy of those afflicted with irremediable exceptions to the ordinary course of fortune, or who have been amerced by nature of their fair proportions.

Thus in assemblies have I seen A nymph of brightest charms and mien, 40 Wake envy in each ugly face; And buzzing scandal fills the place.

Nothin' is desired likely to increase envy or bank loans or other forms of contemporaneous crime in Pointview.

So we shan't have to learn any Rep." Mr. BREX, with the forename of TWELLS, Against all the bishops rebels, And so fiercely upbraids Their remarks on air-raids That he rouses the envy of WELLS.

81 Verbs to Use for the Word  envies
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