30 Verbs to Use for the Word epidemics

'And have caught the raging epidemic, I see,' said Mr. Pole, with a sneer.

The limitation of the period of propitiation to one month was based not so much upon religious grounds as upon the fact that a Municipality, with purely Western ideas of sanitation and of combating epidemics, refused to allow the maintenance of the shed, which was to be the temporary home of Jarimari, for more than thirty days.

It had inherited from the army an incipient epidemic of bubonic plague in Manila, and the disease soon spread to Cavite and also to Cebú, then the second port of the Philippines in commercial importance.

Our friends came to our rescue and gave us clothes and we went with friends out into the country to escape the epidemic.

But the weakest races and individuals have now died out, the surviving population are showing unexpected powers of resisting the white man's epidemics, and we are adding every year to our knowledge of, and therefore our responsibility for, the causation of infection.

Other cases followed in quick succession, and we soon found ourselves facing a virulent epidemic of this highly dangerous disease.

Here is Mrs. Saumarez creating an epidemic of useful and improving knowledge throughout the country, by means of her charming lectures.

We players shall scarce plead guilty to that charge, Who think a house can never be too large: Griev'd when a rant, that's worth a nation's ear, Shakes some prescrib'd Lyceum's petty sphere; And pleased to mark the grin from space to space Spread epidemic o'er a town's broad face.

Every engine of war will, no doubt, be brought into use, traps of many kinds, poisons, cats, the professional rat-catcher, and a rat bacillus which, if once it gets a footing, is expected to originate a fearful epidemic.

Similar meteorological conditions (calm and no ozone) were found to precede previous epidemics.

Moreover, from Africa there is always something new in the way of tropical diseases, and presently Africa, if we let it continue to fester as it festers now, may produce an epidemic that will stand exportation to a temperate climate.

It will suffice to prove this to recall the two epidemics of fever which afflicted the colony of the Tre Fontaine, near Rome, in 1880 and 1882.

Since 1780, they have diminished in numbers more than one half, and frequently recurring epidemics and famines will soon reduce them to a comparatively weak and unimportant tribe, which will finally be absorbed in the growing Russian population of the peninsula.

On the third day, however, of his own accord he asked me to what epidemic I had referred.

Before Mr. Judson returned a severe epidemic of cholera broke out in Rangoon, and Mr. Hough was very anxious to take his wife and Mrs. Judson out of the place and go back to India.

Strange and terrible diseases attacked some of them, though the poisonous microbes were checked by vigilant men in laboratories behind the front before they could spread an epidemic.

*** On account of the large number of robberies of safes that have taken place in London during the last few weeks it is possible that an effort will shortly be made to do away with these cumbersome articles in order to stamp out the epidemic.

One fly carrying germs on his feet from the sinks to the food can start a serious and fatal epidemic in a camp.

So successful was this, that on M. De Rothschild's preserves at Rambouillet, where a few days before gapes were so virulent that 1,200 pheasants were found dead every morning, it succeeded in stopping the epidemic in a few days.

The purchases of woolen clothing and waterproof hats tell of adequate provision against inclement weather; but the scale of the doctor's bills suggest either epidemics or serious occasional illnesses.

Such was the cardinal principle which governed in the merciless attempts to suppress the epidemic in spreading from the continent to England and Scotland, and at last to the Puritan colonies in America, where the last chapter of its history was written.

Mrs. Boyle had removed here from Baltimore, a few years before her own death, that she might be with her brother through his long and fatal illness; and, finding her health improved by change of air, had occupied his house ever since, until one of those typhoid fevers that infest such river-gorges at certain seasons of the year entered the village about the mills, when, in visiting the sick, she took the epidemic herself and died.

To these were soon added a malarial epidemic caused by the unhealthful surroundings.

Profiting by his previous experience and that of his predecessors in the Philippine service, he inaugurated a campaign which practically terminated the epidemic in Manila on February 21, 1906, [501] with a total of two hundred eighty-three cases and two hundred forty-three deaths.

The heedlessness of one family may bring an epidemic upon an entire city.

30 Verbs to Use for the Word  epidemics