11 Verbs to Use for the Word epilepsies

" "Did Dr. Physick ever pronounce my disease epilepsy?

Xenocrates, as Martianus Capella further informs us, employed the sound of instruments in the cure of maniacs; and Apollonius Dyscolus, in his fabulous history (Historia Commentitia) tells us, from Theophrastus's Treatise upon Enthusiasm, that music is a sovereign remedy for a dejection of spirits, and disordered mind; and that the sound of the flute will cure epilepsy and the sciatic gout.

About forty years ago the idea established itself that epilepsy, exhibiting itself in one form or another as "fits," and migraine, the severe periodic sick headache, were interconvertible manifestations of the same underlying morbid process in the brain.

[Footnote 12: "Dissolved pearls, Apicius' diet 'gainst the epilepsy."BEN

Of what character is my disease?speak earnestly." "I do not knownot epilepsy, certainly; partially nervous, I thinkone of Nature's strange safety-valves, I suppose.

This is much worse than that,this means epilepsy, Mac, and we may have to choose between death and idiocy.

Finally, just as the Chinese, who are supposed to mistake epilepsy for possession, have, unfortunately for the supposition, got two distinct words for the two phenomena, so it will doubtless be found that there is no savage who has not some word to express illusion; or whose language does not prove that he knows dreams are but dreams.

Although Parsley is commonly used at table, it is remarkable that facts have been adducted to prove, that in some constitutions it occasions epilepsy, or at least aggravates the epileptic fit in those who are subject to this disease.

[2730]If it come from a cold cause, or so continue cold, or increase, epilepsy; convulsions follow, and blindness, or else in the end they are moped, sottish, and in all their actions, speeches, and gestures, ridiculous.

Though I held the mad belief that I should suffer epilepsy, I held the sane hope, amounting to belief, that I should escape it.

EPILEPSY AND MIGRAINE IN GENIUS In the annals of genius, there occur a number of instances of those who suffered from attacks that have been diagnosed epilepsy or migraine.

11 Verbs to Use for the Word  epilepsies