104 Verbs to Use for the Word equipments

A bag contained the clothes we expected to wear out in the journey, which, with a small tent just sufficient to sleep in, a sheepskin mantle as a blanket, and a horse rug as a bed, completed my equipment.

He learnt how to fight and march and carry heavy equipment on a very empty stomach.

The result is that, when peace is interrupted and the fighting manon both sea and landis confronted with the problems of practical belligerency, he brings to his attempts at their solution an intellectual equipment drawn, not from knowledge of real war, but from the less trustworthy arsenal of the recollections of his peace training.

Your Majesty collects your equipments of war, endangers your soldiers and officers and excites the resentment of the various princesdo these things cause you pleasure in your mind?

I took off all my equipment, which I was still wearing, pack, haversacks, revolver, binoculars, map case, etc., and sat down in the kitchen to take stock of the situation.

The barbarians, being unused to a contest of this sort, and having lighter equipment, were unable to resist, so that but few escaped out of a large force.

The visit of Captain Daggett, taken in connection with all that he had said and done, while on Oyster Pond, and at Sag Harbour, had the effect greatly to hasten the equipments of the Sea Lion.

'Yes, but what I mean is, have you seen the equipment of their schools and collegesdesks, libraries, and lavatories?

Here I propose to describe the equipment which I know, from experience, to be useful.

It but adds to the appeal of the work that those great scientists, Mrs. Ayrton and Madame Curie, selected the equipment.

"That's what Marvin warned me yesterday, when I ordered the equipment," said he.


Many of the contractors who were to furnish equipment thought much more of profit than of patriotism.

Party preparing equipment, drying horse-slings, etc.

This is explained partly by the resolution of the owners to improve the fields, now grown old, and to increase the equipment.

He seemed everywhere at once, heartening the men, inspecting equipment, overseeing the preparations for defense.

You need a better intellectual equipment if you're going to fight the world you find yourself in.

In the narrow space beside me lay my equipment; revolver, and a sodden packet of cigarettes.

Mr Gill was appointed to the Cape Observatory, and I wrote out instructions for him in March: there was subsequently much correspondence respecting the equipment and repairs of the Cape Observatory."In

Banana handling equipment for jobbers.

If summer were coming unusually early it behooved us to waste no time, and we proceeded to arrange the mountain equipment as fast as possible.

Grinding and polishing equipment; how to dress and temper tools.

While engaged at Seville in superintending the equipment, that my brother and I might not suffer by the delays, we having both served as pages to Prince John, who was now dead, he sent us back to court in November 1497 to serve as pages to her majesty Queen Isabella of glorious memory.

The few weapons left by the men consisted of heavy spears, with from three to eighteen barbs cut out of the solid wood, the shaft from ten to twelve feet in length, large shields resembling those in use by the natives at Champion Bay, made from the sycamore, and few skins of the red kangaroo, formed their entire camp equipment.

This, however, was not really the case, since the crew of the second schooner was of much real service in forwarding the equipment of the disabled vessel.

104 Verbs to Use for the Word  equipments