19 Verbs to Use for the Word eres

Now, if I let you go will you go straight off and bring her 'ere to me?' "'I will,' ses Uncle Dick, jumping up.

ses Ginger catching hold of 'im. 'Lend a hand 'ere, Peter.' "Peter lent a hand and screwed it into the back

By the time we gets 'ere to Bethany, thinks I, it's time to take a look an' see if my passenger's still in the bloomin' car.

That night Joe Barlcomb came up to this 'ere Cauliflower public-house, same as he'd been told, and by-and-by, arter he 'ad 'ad a pint, he looked round, and taking a shilling out of 'is pocket put it on the table, and he ses, "Who'll give me a ha'penny for that?" he ses.

'I dessay yo didn't know nowt about itthat's noather 'ere nor there.

The General smiled wintrily, and, at the conclusion of his peregrination, remarked to Colonel Dearman: "Well, Colonel, I can safely say that I have never inspected a corps quite like yours"an observation capable of various interpretationsand intimated a desire to witness some company drill ere testing the abilities of the regiment in battalion drill.

She for this many thousand years 38 Seems to have practised with much care, To frame the race of women fair; Yet never could a perfect birth Produce before to grace the earth, Which waxèd old ere it could see Her that amazed thy art and thee.

Ile tell ye, I have buried sixe, and thank my good fortune I ever knewe the next ere the other was in his winding sheete.

"Wherefore not to-day?" "Dear maiden," responded he, with winning voice and manner, "we must know each other better ere

let us catch the wild-game ere it flies; The hand on Saturday the mop that plies Will on the Sunday fondle you the best.

Then I drives on my way and pulls up 'ere.

But you've done me a good turn, Sam Bossom; an' you've been open with me; an' I reckon I got to keep you straight in this 'ere.

Joy premature, and shouts ere victory, Encroach upon their rights and privileges.

But first of all a pony laid me up with a kick, an' then I stole Arthur Miles 'ere out of the 'Oly Innercents" Tilda broke down for a moment, recovered herself, and with sobs told her story.

Some one else tuk it, an I stood by an saw 'im. When I tried to stop 'imlook 'ere.'

Deacon Pitkin did a putty fair stroke o' business when he swapped off his old place for this 'ere.

"Tell 'im the man's lyin' 'ere outside o' three pints o' neat Irishtell 'im she's been chasin' 'er own tail for this twothree hourstell 'im the sound o' breakers is distinkly audibble on the lee bowtell 'imoh, for Gawd's sake tell 'im anythink

You needn't think of that 'ere.

Ere, Miss! you com' 'ere!

19 Verbs to Use for the Word  eres