354 Verbs to Use for the Word evidences

I could hear of none having been killed the present season; but that there are some left, as well as bears, and wolves, and panthers, the tracks we saw gave unmistakable evidence.

He has found evidence among his brother's correspondence of the hold he had over me and of his persecution.

They bear out, however, the evidence of (1), (5), and (6), which have as their core the idea of stretching, or of the strain which stretching produces.

The history of every country affords abundant evidence of it.

I hurried, in triumph, to the learned disputants about his identity, and in their presence, he furnished unanswerable evidence that the peeper was a frog, and not a newt.

He has heard all the evidence, but does he know who that woman was?" "Of course not," I said, and then I looked at him.

The instant that he saw such evidence as Pen's nose presented the officer would be bound to make inquiries.

"] Ehrenberg appears to have taken it for granted that the Globigerinoe and other Foraminifera which are found in the deep-sea mud, live at the great depths in which their remains are found; and he supports this opinion by producing evidence that the soft parts of these organisms are preserved, and may be demonstrated by removing the calcareous matter with dilute acids.

" He rose, his face showing evidence of suffering, and bowed gravely.

With a generous feeling, which was possibly due to the fact that he was entitled to none of the credit of collecting the evidence against the prisoner, Inspector Chippenfield allowed Detective Rolfe a subordinate share in the glory that hung round the arrest by volunteering the information in the witness-box that when making the arrest he was accompanied by that officer.

From the contemporary documents relating specially to the first voyage, it is beyond question that Cabot saw no human being on the coast, though he brought back evidences of their presence at some previous time.

But if this wretched man is allowed to go on trying to build up a case against meand I must admit that he would probably obtain circumstantial evidence of a kind which would make some sort of a case for the prosecutionthere is grave danger of everything coming out.

It is an insult to the jury as men of intelligence to ask you to believe Hill's evidence.

It is, indeed, a conceivable supposition that every species of Rhinoceros and every species of Hyaena, in the long succession of forms between the Miocene and the present species, was separately constructed out of dust, or out of nothing, by supernatural power; but until I receive distinct evidence of the fact, I refuse to run the risk of insulting any sane man by supposing that he seriously holds such a notion.

Small patches of lasting snow and ice occur on its northern slopes, but they are shallow, and present no well marked evidence of glacial motion.

The police had discovered practically no new evidence; none, certainly, which shed any light on the way in which Drouet and Philip Vantine had met death.

The Romping Betsy was hove to, under bare poles, a bit of the jib alone showing, with decks and spars exhibiting evidence of the terrific struggle to keep afloat.

"Thurston has just said that as regards these rows the fault lies with the prefects, and that they are culpable in trying to shift the blame on to other fellows without first getting sufficient evidence to warrant their so doing.

But accepting for the moment his evidence as true the case against the prisoner amounts to this: by threats of exposure Birchill compelled Hill to consent to Riversbrook being robbed while the owner was in Scotland.

"Don't you think the murderer will bolt out of the country when he knows his mate is prepared to turn King's evidence against him?" "Ah," said Inspector Chippenfield, "I haven't adopted your theory.

Considering then the bias of the dominant scientific school, which makes it refuse even to examine the carefully gathered evidence of the S.P.R.; we need not wonder if the reports of travellers concerning the existence of like phenomena among savages and barbarians all over the world are dismissed with a certain à priori superciliousness.

"Yet it must be a note," passed through her mind, "and of course it was written before he left the Hutquite likely before he arrivedpossibly the year before, when he spoke of the box as containing the evidence of the great secret of his life.

You are accustomed to weighing evidence; and so I never allow myself to be convinced of a theory until I have convinced you.

Probability upon such grounds carries so much evidence with it, that it naturally determines the judgment, and leaves us as little liberty to believe or disbelieve, as a demonstration does, whether we will know, or be ignorant.

The Judge seemed to be taking down damning evidence on the dirty envelope.

354 Verbs to Use for the Word  evidences