149 Verbs to Use for the Word exertion

I was at this time engaged in a variety of other matters, which required exertion and assiduity, and necessarily occupied almost all my time.

But this hunting of the moose merely for the satisfaction of killing him,not even for the sake of his hide,without making any extraordinary exertion or running any risk yourself, is too much like going out by night to some wood-side pasture and shooting your neighbor's horses.

Salon, to set out immediately, and to use every possible exertion to find them, and bring them in safety to the camp.

He urged us, however, to continue our exertions, and the words were hardly uttered when I stumbled and fell forward, having caught the toe of my boot in a large ring of iron that lay half buried in the loose earth.

"Get all the men you can muster; and never relax your exertions till you have made a wide and clear breach between the flames and their prey.

Fools sometimes demand the exertions of my powers, and sometimes I gratify their childish curiosity.

I have resolved to spare no exertions, and no influence, to bring the assassin to justice; and a coroner's jury will, within a few hours, sift the evidence which we have succeeded in collecting.

Prudence is alarmed at a distance, and calls up all her exertion.

At the first symptom of retreat, the enemy redoubled their exertions and pressed so obstinately on the Americans, that the little line was soon thrown into disorder.

I do believe there is an elevating principle in love, that, by causing us to wish to be worthy of the object most prized, produces the desired effects by stimulating exertion.

This is our favourite spot for entomologising, when the sun outside altogether forbids the least exertion.

And, when the Parliament met in October, some of the members, who saw in the success that could not be denied to have attended their exertions an irresistible means of strengthening the rising pretensions of Ireland to an equality of laws and freedom with England, moved votes of thanks in both Houses to the whole body of Volunteers.

I heard another man of equally high standing say, that he believed he suffered far more than his waiter did whenever he flogged him for he felt the exertion for days afterward, but he could not let his servant go on in the neglect of his business, it was his duty to chastise him.

he cried, renewing his exertions.

Finally, they were plainly told that if they were distrustful, or reluctant at putting forth their strenuous exertions, they must not engage in the undertaking.

Though disappointed in this attempt, by the ignorance or want of enterprise of his agents, his resolution was not to be repressed by difficulties, and he resolved upon employing fresh exertions both by sea and land, for the accomplishment of his enterprise.

As an encouragement to persevering and invigorated exertions to bring the contest to a happy result, I have the satisfaction of being able to appeal to the auspicious progress of our arms both by land and on the water.

These cattle belong to the owners of a neighbouring estate, by whom I and my tenants have been injured and insulted; and, according to the usage in such cases, I have given the signal to my people to lay hold on what they can of his flocks and herds, and, to quicken their exertions, I give them half of what they catch.

He also contributed pecuniary assistance and conferred favors to encourage exertion, or reward well doing.

Races of men who endure prolonged physical exertion have discovered for themselves, without the teaching of science, the great value of meat.

His very name was distinguishedfor he has added to the literature of his countryby his writings and his eloquence he has stimulated the march of mind; he has seconded the exertions of liberal friends to the improvements of the uneducated, and he has patronized the useful as well as the fine arts, philosophy and science, of his country.

It was finished in 1481, and Mino died in 1484, from a chill following over-exertion in moving heavy stones.

A liberal diet of the cereals and lean meat, especially beef, gives that vigor to the muscles which enables one to undergo laborious and prolonged physical exertion.

It cost him an exertion of physical strength to conclude the letter.

The letter he gave me was from the Spanish ambassador, claiming a right to require Mrs. Fitzgerald from our government, and deprecating my using an influence to counteract his exertions" "Which you refused," said Emily, eagerly.

149 Verbs to Use for the Word  exertion