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362 Verbs to Use for the Word « falled »

362 Verbs to Use for the Word « falled »

  • A shower of tears his eyes let fall, Which in the River made impress, Then sigh'd, and Sylvia false again would call, A cruel faithless Shepherdess.
  • Comte de Pourtales, who was standing near on the bank, saw the fall and called out instantly, "Est-ce possible que je voie le President du Conseil par terre?"
  • There would have been small hope that France, supported only by our small Expeditionary Force and faced with an Italian invasion in the South-East, in addition to a German invasion in the North-East, could have prevented the fall of Paris and the Channel Ports, while Austria, freed from all fear on the Italian frontier, perhaps even reinforced by part of the Italian Army, could have turned all her forces against Russia.
  • While I was busy with my own breakfast I heard the thudding fall of two or three heavy cones from a Yellow Pine near me.
  • Godfrey's arm broke the fall somewhat, but as for me, I was too dazed to move.
  • Taken as a whole the absolute fall off in the number of those working upon the soil is not large.
  • To speak the truth, he is the universal tribunal; for since these times all causes fall to his cognisance, as in a great infection all diseases turn oft to the plague.
  • I remember one day in the hunting-field he got a nasty fall.
  • And because of this, many were they, knights and nobles and esquires, who sought out Beltane's lonely hut beside the brook, with offers of service, or to try a fall with him.
  • For a brief instant, I watched its fall, and saw the light shine on a tumult of white foam, some eighty or a hundred feet below me.
  • He had bowed beneath the sceptre of Uranus, he had witnessed his fall, and marked the ocean crimson with his blood.
  • Alexandre who was close in the rear, almost touching him so as not to lose him, certainly detected the void and the gust which followed the fall, as with sudden horror the flooring failed beneath them; but force of motion carried him on, he stepped forward in his turn, howled and likewise fell, head over heels.
  • He held me tight against him, and I felt a tear fall upon my head.
  • Although it is written with great art and finish, Paradise Regained shows a falling off in Milton's genius.
  • If he missed catching the bar it meant a dangerous fall; a fall into a net, it is true, but dangerous none the less.
  • Forced to guard his box of caps with one hand he could not save Molly Dale a smashing fall.
  • All lips spake of her and the wonder of her charms, how that a man could not look within her eyes but must needs fall into a passion of love for her.
  • The brilliant development of the system of Islâm followed the establishment of its material power; so the rapid decline of that political power which we are witnessing makes the question urgent, whether Islâm has a spiritual essence able to survive the fall of such a material support.
  • Fortunately, there was only one person wounded and a few bruised, among them the soldier himself, who suffered a fall fighting with the curtain, which smelt to him of filibusterism.
  • A soldier of your's Upon a bed of flowers Gave her such a fall, As she lost maidenhead and all.
  • In performing some gymnastic exercises he received a fall on the head, which after some time was followed by a paralytic affection of the whole body, so that he became entirely helpless, and his speech was taken away.
  • The dog knew that she must stop in a moment, that no one could pass the falls unless they went over them.
  • A sentinel of the besiegers had marked Benedetto's fall, and the disappearance of the body into the earth.
  • "And while under some conditions I've been able to get along for a short time without dropping down, as a rule I've found it wise to look for a landing-place before things got to the point of desperation and avoid a fall, possibly in the midst of a German battalion."
  • The city itself lies on both sides of the Spokane River, at the point where that stream, separated by rocky islands into five separate channels, rushes onward and downward, at first being merely a series of rapids, and then tumbling over the rocks in a number of beautiful and useful waterfalls, until the several streams unite once again for a final plunge of sixty feet, making a fall of 157 feet in the distance of half a mile.
  • When the logs reach the falls they are meat for the mills.
  • Even if he had not turned traitor to his commander-in-chief, as he did in the end, Huerta's command of the loyal troops during the ten days' struggle at the capital preceding the fall of the constitutional government could not be described as anything but a dismal failure.
  • British Airways became the latest airline to sound the alarm, saying it may have to cut its workforce by a third, while big banks are reporting deep falls in quarterly profit.
  • Afrásiyáb beholding the fall of so many of his chiefs, dashed forward to cope with the champion: but his bravery was unavailing; for, suffering sharply under the overwhelming attacks of Rustem, he was glad to effect his escape, and retire from the field.
  • Monastic institutions covered the face of Europe, but the monks had sadly departed from the virtues which partially redeemed the miseries that succeeded the fall of the Roman Empire.
  • If, however, prices experience any considerable fall, then the laborers seek in any and every way to get out of their uncomfortable position, whilst the percentage of profit secured to the middleman is barely sufficient to cover the interest on his outlay.
  • Judge of our surprise at finding a fall of fifteen feet, after we had been led to expect a tremendous leap of forty or fifty, with all the accompaniment of rocks and precipices.
  • There is something almost incredible in the penal infatuation which brought about her fall.
  • No meditated praises could have borne such testimony to her greatness as the lofty strain in which Horace celebrates her fall and congratulates the Roman world on its escape from the ruin which she was threatening to the Capitol.
  • Pohono Creek, which forms the fall of that name, takes its rise in a beautiful lake, lying beneath the shadow of a lofty granite spur that puts out from Buena Vista peak.
  • Violet, the penitential colour, is used at Mass, and the chapters in Genesis recording the fall of Adam, warn man to think well, to humble himself and to do penance.
  • Two noblemen amongst this set Were hated above all; And many were the lords who met, To work the Spencer's fall.
  • Then I remembered that the thick dust, which covered the floor, would have been sufficient to soften my fall; so that it was quite possible, I had slept upon the dust for a million years or more.
  • I need not describe Napoleon's fall,as clear a destiny as his rise; a lesson to all the future tyrants and conquerors of the world; a moral to be pondered as long as history shall be written.
  • This is the eating of the deadly tree which occasions the Fall, and therefore the Redemption which requires to be accomplished is a redemption from Fearnot merely from this or that particular fear but from the very Root of Fear, which root is unbelief in the Love of God, the refusal to believe that Love alone is the Creating Power in all things, whether small beyond our recognition or great beyond our conception.
  • STORY OF AN EYEWITNESSHARROWING SCENES ATTENDING THE FALL OF ANTWERP AND THE EXODUS OF ITS PEOPLE A vivid picture of the pathetic scenes attending the fall of Antwerp was given by Lucien A. Jones, correspondent of the London Daily Chronicle, who wrote on October 11th as follows: "Antwerp has been surrendered at last.
  • You are like me, not born to the purple; when a sparrow dies, however diligently he has labored in the dirt, no meteors announce his fall.
  • The nurses were mainly local subjects who had to undergo an adequate training, and there was no one who did not confidently predict a rapid fall in the infant mortality rate which, to the shame of the Turkish administration, was fully a dozen times that of the highest of English towns.
  • It was also my plan, if I was successful in all these objects, to spend the fall on the Kenai Peninsula in pursuit of the white sheep and the moose.
  • What kindred hast thou to lament thy fall?
  • Tables of solar heat, rain guages, and scientific measures, to determine the fall of snow over the large continental era of the whole series of basins, are, therefore, the scientific means that should be employed before we can theorize properly.
  • These tenets involved certain very knotty points respecting the fall of those angels, who, for disobedience, had forfeited their high abode in Heaven.
  • Tremble ere it precipitates its fall; The ponderous mass sinks in the cleaving ground,
  • The nightingales were singing in the lofty trees at the back; on the sides were shrubs of every description intermingled with fruit trees, and the river having several falls and little rocky islets, gave an air of delightful enchantment to this most romantic scene.
  • Fus', when de grapes 'uz gethered, de knots begun ter straighten out'n Henry's ha'r; en w'en de leaves begin ter fall, Henry's ha'r 'mence' ter drap out; en when de vimes 'uz bar', Henry's head wuz baller 'n it wuz in de spring, en he begin ter git ole en stiff in de j'ints ag'in, en paid no mo' 'tention ter de gals dyoin' er de whole winter.
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