587 Verbs to Use for the Word families

The Brahmans thereupon knowing how great was the spiritual power of Buddha, forthwith left their families, and became monks.

Yes, she remembered, but now she had all she could do to support her family.

I don't bring my family matters down here to air 'em over with you girls.

Where may lonely wanderer find a more interesting family of mountain-dwellers, earth-born companions and fellow-mortals?

She comes with her daughter under a safeguard from General Johnston, who knew the family when he was at West Point.

The Brahmin and myself remained together two days, and partedhe to explore the Andes, to obtain additional light on the subject of his hypothesis, and I, on the wings of impatience, to visit once more my long-deserted family and friends.

Our ancestor Kaoute emerged from a private station, and raised his family by extinguishing the dynasty of Tsin, and slaughtering their race.

I think that ever since the day she had entered the Stewart family, my aunt had thought me a spectre across her path, for she was an ambitious woman and wished the whole estate for her son,in which I do not greatly blame her.

This vehicle contained the entire Hardwick family, with Lydia Sessions turning long to look her incredulous amazement back at them from her seat beside her brother-in-law.

He sees first a happy family, a charming, clinging little simpleton of a wife, with half a dozen or so infants clinging to her skirts and bosom, and her round eyes lifted in adorable helplessness to the face of that great, strong lord and master, her husband.

Always she told the family about Christ and His power to save.

Besides this, Byron maintained the family till they left Genoa for Florence in 1823, and defrayed up to that date all their expenses.

I met my family there, and having bought some property in that city, with the intention of making the place my home, I asked Bill not to cut up any of his capers, for I wanted the performance to go off smoothly, as I expected a large audience that evening.

The House of Burgesses was in session, and Mr. Stewart, as the custom was, took his whole family with him to the capital.

These are the features of this beautiful sheet of water, which none see but to admire, none visit but to praise; and it lies here all alone, surrounded by the old hills and forests, bold bluffs, and rocky shores, all as God made them, with no mark of the hand of man about it, save in a single spot on a secluded bay, where lives a solitary family in a log house, surrounded by an acre or two, from which the forest has been cleared away.

He was sensible, that so long as the monks were indulged in marriage, and were permitted to rear families, they never could be subjected to strict discipline, or reduced to that slavery under their superiors, which was requisite to procure to the mandates issued from Rome, a ready and zealous obedience.

" He got up and leaned against the chimney-piece; I can still see him there, standing thoughtfully; and he continued: "I do not feel myself strong enough to begin exile all over again, but I feel the wish to save my family and my country.

Had Braddock heeded the advice of the man whom he asked to join his family, the event might have been different.

So father took an antipathy to the poor creature, and because she has served our family for so long sent her to care for the house at East Orange.

Public opinion keeps many a family in the same house years after it really knows it is separated widely as the poles.

The king of the country, revering and honoring the bone, and anxious lest it should be stolen away, has selected eight individuals, representing the great families in the kingdom, and committed to each a seal, with which he should seal its shrine and guard the relic.

"What!" gasps the horrified Mac, "Father Brachet has got a family?" "Famly?" inquired Nicholas.

Mrs. Corbett hastily baked biscuits and "buttermilk bread" to feed her large family, who, according to the state of the weather and the subsequent state of the roads, might be with her for several days, and while her hands were busy, her brain was busier still, and being a praying woman, Maggie Corbett was looking for help in the direction from which help comes.

It is the least return she can make for having disgraced the family, to be of some use in it now.

"I should send the whole family to America, with a little money in their pockets.

587 Verbs to Use for the Word  families