292 Verbs to Use for the Word faults

It's republican, pleasant, and safe, to find fault; If a man can't do that, why he's not worth his salt.

Among the country people this idea is equivalent to the doctrine of fatality; and if they commit faults or even crimes, on the days which are marked as unlucky, they do not consider themselves as guilty, because they were predestined.

He ended by exhorting the sovereigns to treat with mildness those who voluntarily confessed their faults, desiring them to allow them to reside at Seville or in some other place they might choose; and to allow them the enjoyment of their property, as if they had not been guilty of the crime of heresy.

So be gentle with him, for it will take time to correct the faults of such an Adam.

And this innocent wife, as she lay at his mercy, begged for compassion, and to know her fault, and then he named Cassio, and the handkerchief which (he said) she had given him; and as the guiltless lady was proceeding to clear herself, he suddenly would hear no more, but covering her up in the bed-clothes, stifled her till she died.

For this old venerable Grey-beardfaith 'Tis his own fault if he hath got a face Which doth play tricks with them that look on it: 'Twas this that put it in my thoughtsthat countenance

By acknowledging his fault he hoped to criticism.

I suppose men are often blind to these hateful qualities before marriage; doubtless a clever, unscrupulous woman is able to hide her faults when she has the main chance in view.

I hung down my head abashed; yet, perceiving that she was all that day more kind and obliging than ever, and being conscious of not having merited this kindness, I thought she was mean-spirited, and therefore I consoled myself with having discovered this fault in her, for I thought my arrogance was full as excusable as her meanness.

when self sees fault in self, Self is sin-obstinate, if self amend not: Indeed, I saw a fault in thee myself, And it hath set a foil upon thy fame, Not as the foil doth grace the diamond.

We easily forget our faults when nobody knows them.

[Odyssey] of HOMER out of Greek into Spanish, hath, by good judgement, avoided the fault of rhyming, although [he hath] not fully hit perfect and true versifying: so hath HENRY HOWARD, that true and noble Earl of SURREY, in translating the fourth book of VIRGIL's AEneas: whom MICHAEL DRAYTON in his England's Heroical Epistles hath eternized for an Epistle to his fair GERALDINE.

Who tells him of his real virtues, his real faults?

I see your Love your Reason has betray'd, But I'll forgive the Faults which Love has made: 'Tis true, I love, and do confess it too; Which if a Crime, I might have hid from you; But such a Passion 'tis as does despise Whatever Rage you threaten from your Eyes.

And indeede our Lorde hath stirred and raised up so perfect an age in al sciences & know= ledge, in which so many learned men, and of excellent learning and knowledge, haue so blessedly and diligently imployed them= selues to teach us the order and maner to liue well, some after one sort and fashion, and some after an other, that those which be not yet satisfyed, can not, or ought not, to lay the fault in any but in themselues.

This was to ask God to pardon faults both of reader in his reading and of monks, who, perhaps, were drowsy and inattentive.

Her nose was too small and her mouth too wide to be beautiful, but the girl's wonderful blue eyes fully redeemed these faults and led the observer to forget all else but their fascinations.

It is now too late to repair thy fault.

She's fair indeed; here, Frank, I give thee thy Celinda, whose Beauty Excuses all thy Faults of Disobedience.

skin;but 'twas the fault of the best Statesmen in Christendom to be loose in the hilts,you conceive me.

It is amazing how the use of language blunts the faculties of man-that because vainglory finds no vent in words, creatures supplied with eyes have been unable to detect a fault so gross and obvious.

Of these, and such as these, we will speak hereafter; in the meantime let us point out the faults which bad writers are most generally guilty of, the blunders which they commit in language, composition, and sentiment, with many other marks of ignorance, which it would be tedious to enumerate, and belong not to our present argument.

Were he, however, as disagreeable as I find him, in truth, pleasant and frank, your wishes would conceal all his faults.

I got no fault to find with what you done.

Your lips would punish a fault with words that shame and sting for a day, a summer, a year; your hand must never inflict a sting that may smart for ten minutes.

292 Verbs to Use for the Word  faults
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