106 Verbs to Use for the Word fee

On one occasion when going to see a patient in the south, the doctor who was to meet him in consultation met Sir Andrew at the station, told him they were rich, and quite prepared to pay a very high fee.

Do not charge a fee for access to, viewing, displaying, performing, copying or distributing any Project Gutenberg-tm works unless you comply with paragraph 1.E.8 or 1.E.9.

Each one then received his fee, and hurried home, to publish his own statement of the case in a pamphlet.

I have taken my fee; begone, begone.

Why, this is somewhat like: now may I sing, As did the Wakefield Pinder in his note At Michaelmas cometh my covenant out, My master gives me my fee: Then, Robin, I'll wear thy Kendal green, And wend to the greenwood with thee.

One thing is certain: he gets paid whether he wins or loses; that is to say, he gets his fee in any case, but of course if he wins something will be added to his fee.

"Come and see me next week," he said to one who demurred to the necessity for going again, knowing he would not accept a fee, "and I will arrange that you shall not be kept waiting.

Nay let him come no more to raise the fees Of this foul sacrilege beyond report!

Dr. Johnson put me in mind, that, at St. Andrews, I had defended my profession very well, when the question had again been started, Whether a lawyer might honestly engage with the first side that offers him a fee.

" The urchins and older persons began to cry: "Hold back, Dame Linkon; make them earn their fees.

Talk of this kind has no foundation in fact, as is shown by the laws passed by the Western States, which often demand heavy license fees from non-residents, and hedge about their hunting with other restrictions.

How could city officials steal princely revenues, how could lawyers collect exorbitant fees, if it were not for the law?

When Carleton became governor of Canada he at once issued a proclamation abolishing all the fees and perquisites attached to his position and explained his action to the home authorities in the following words: 'There is a certain appearance of dirt, a sort of meanness, in exacting fees on every occasion.

His own doctor looks after him there, assisted by the house physician and nurses, who expect fees, but the regular doctor gets none.

The Triers had no salaries, but the Clerk of the Court was allowed some very small fees, just enough to pay for the pens, ink, and paper, all of them scarce commodities.

" I knew that meant a nominal fee, but wondered how many more similes he was going to deliver instead of the money.

The Government made the best of a bad bargain, and accepted a fee of forty shillings for the three months ending November 30, 1853; and, on the following day, the Legislative Council passed a new Gold-fields Act, which greatly reduced the fees for diggers' licenses, while it substantially increased those demanded for permission to open stores at the gold-fields.

The doctor refused a fee, and, to relieve his mind, wrote privately to the government stating the circumstances of the crime.

St. Margaret, Lothbury, Vestry Min., 2 (Order regulating fees for "weddinges, cristeings, churchinges and berrialls" of 1571).

10 Who doubts that elephants are found For science and for sense renowned? Borri records their strength of parts, Extent of thought, and skill in arts; How they perform the law's decrees, And save the state the hangman's fees; And how by travel understand The language of another land.

If there is a young surgeon in the neighborhood, you can enter into an arrangement to break arms and legs in this way with impunity, have the maimed "carried into the surgery," and share the fees with the operator.

Nor yet my bit of tea, But just because I like your face I'll take you out to any place However distant from my base And ask no extra fee.

"I burnt her with a hot iron on the left side of her face,""I tried to make the letter M," and this he says in a newspaper, and puts his name to it, and the editor of the paper who is, also, its proprietor, publishes it for him and pockets his fee.

In the Liber Niger we find knights' fees of two hides and a half, of two hides, of four, five, and six hides.

The players and these groundlings were exposed to the weather; those that paid for seats were in galleries sheltered by a narrow porch-roof projecting inwards from the encircling walls; while the young nobles and gallants, who came to be seen and who could afford the extra fee, took seats on the stage itself, and smoked and chaffed the actors and threw nuts at the groundlings.

106 Verbs to Use for the Word  fee